bukkit.yml what can it do?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by wardevour, Jul 4, 2011.

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    i was wondering what can be done with the bukkit.yml especially concerning world generation. is it possible to create a world by editing the bukkit.yml and avoid the use of a multi-world plugin. my users cant use maps on multiverse worlds and i was wondering if multiverse could be avoided
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    No, it can not be used for what you described and secondly, multiverse works fine. You probably just did it wrong and didn't read instructions.
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    yes multiverse works. it makes worlds but in those worlds users cant use the minecraft 1.6 craft-able maps. i have read the multiverse instructions plenty, none say anything about maps showing up blank. i've been using multiverse for a while this is the only issue the maps don't generate on worlds that aren't world or world_nether

    I went ahead and tried again with the new RB:953 completely starting from scratch with multiverse 1.7.2 and permissions 3.1.6 and scrapbukkit 103. the server runs flawlessly, maps work fine until i make one in a multiverse imported or created world. No one else seems to : A.) give a damn; or B.) have the same problem, because i cant find any help on the MV thread or the github.

    by the way there is a mod that generates a map from a picture but u need to edit bukkit.yml to use a different map gen i was wondering how else u can utilize the bukkit.yml


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    So far the only time you need to edit your bukkit.yml is when you use a plugin that changes world generation, like the mod you posted above.
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