Bukkit will be at Minecon!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Also would it be rude to ask for an ETA?
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    In chrome, click your wrench -> Options -> Under the Hood -> Clear browsing data -> make sure 'Empty the cache' is checked -> click the 'Clear browsing data' button
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    When it's done! :p
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    On the #bukkit irc someone said days... :(
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    I was aware of the builds URL already, but thanks.

    I was hoping they would have a thread or bug list somewhere to get more of an idea of the actual progress they are making towards making a build. I understand it just came out, and I am patient, have no problem waiting for them to get it done properly, but it would be nice for a list of things they are working on, and the progress they are making.

    I see that Leaky (bug tracker) is down so perhaps they do not have anything available to do the tracking at the moment, but it doesn't hurt to ask.
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    Or just press ctrl-shift-delete and delete what you want.
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    Your best bet would be Twitter. Dinnerbone updated it alot when they were working on 1.8's CraftBukkit. It doesn't look like they're doing it this time though, so we'll just have to wait.
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    i hope not D:
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    Nick Foster

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    Holy shit!! Minecraft is out now! Epicness! :( :'( Tears of Epicness!
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    It's been out for an hour, but it was officially announced now. :p
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    I'm locking this thread now because it's gotten extremely off topic.

    There is no need to ask when a new RB for 1.0 will come out, it will be out as soon as it is deemed ready.
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