Bukkit will be at Minecon!

Discussion in 'Bukkit News' started by EvilSeph, Nov 15, 2011.

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    In less than a week, the launch event for our favourite game takes place: Minecon! It’s been a really long time but Minecraft will soon be out of beta and will finally reach version 1.0.

    The entire Bukkit core team: Dinnerbone, Tahg, Grum and myself will be at Minecon. We’ll have a booth on the floor and we’ll have our very own panel. If you’re going to be at Minecon, come check out our booth and you’ll get to meet us! Since Minecraft v1.0 will be released at Minecon, we’ll be doing a live update to Bukkit at our booth, so come find us and you’ll get to see, first hand, what goes into getting Bukkit ready for a newly released Minecraft update.

    We hope to see you there!

    Update! Fun stuffs!
    During our panel, we'll be doing an open Q&A for people to come ask us anything they like about bukkit or minecraft. However, we realize that a lot of people would like to attend but can't. With this in mind, I'd like to present you all a chance to join in from your very homes.

    From now until the start of minecon, we'll select some random questions on twitter that include the hashtag #bukkitqa and answer them live at Minecon. We'll be recording the panel for you to watch later, so you'll get to have your question personally answered by us on video. Yay!

    Why are you still reading this? Go tweet your questions! Remember, it has to include the hashtag #bukkitqa or we won't see it. You don't need to mention our twitter account at all, just something like "Why is bukkit so cool? #bukkitqa".
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    Well, I really wish I could go there :p
    Anyway - have a good trip :)
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    Congratz on the minecon. wish i could be there :p can wait for the "RELEASE" of both bukkit and minecraft
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    Awesome! That means less time waiting for a Bukkit to update and more time to play with a stable server :D
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    Take some video if you can.
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    Congratulations on how far bukkit has progressed, really wish I had the money to travel half way around the world to meet you guys! Take care :)
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    I wish I could leave :)

    Well, good luck guys, I cant want for the minecraft 1.0 release.
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    have fun :)
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    Chris Hackett

    enjoy your trip guys! and thanks for your work!
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    Where's my ticket?
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    I'll see you guys there :D
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    Good luck with the live update. Hopefully Notch gives you guys a big hug for all the work you've done to extend his game. =D
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    Best of wishes to you lad, have a great time.
  14. Woah, live updating! AWESOME! :D Have fun guys!
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    Dinnerbone or someone should really try to do a livestream or atleast film it.
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    I will definitely stop by your booth, can't wait to see you guys there
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    Ill just go next year.... :/
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    *squeee!* I'm so excited! Have fun guys! Looking forward to having Bukkit back! -^_^-
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    You should definitely live stream it :) I think most people including myself would love to see just how much work you guys do.
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    That would be pretty cool! :D
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    I can't wait to see you guys :D
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    Take me with you !
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    Amazing job so far Bukkit Team! I hope you have a great time and everything goes smoothly!
  24. Another vote for a live stream.

    Do it, you know you want to, all the cool kids are doing it. :)
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    Sorry for bad english

    Good news :)

    Im glad that now we can have a stable server.
    Can not waint.
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    Unfortunately Minecraft getting released will not lead to stable servers. It will still be buggy and have about as many updates as it did before.
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    hey mind coding/building me a remote control robot so I can drive around from home :D Wish i could be there but having no real job dose not allow for taking off to do cool stuff like attend :(
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    Live stream? would be fun if you got that up and running with youtube or something, so we others that cant get there can also watch it :p
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    I can haz live stream? :)
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    Live stream! Live stream! Live stream! XD
    Have you guys already done some work or will it all be done on stage?
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