Bukkit Video Tutorials (YouTube) - Over 230 Minutes Of Tutorials! - April 2012

Discussion in 'Resources' started by GeekPlaya, Dec 20, 2011.

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    Hello everyone.

    Over the past few months, I have created some video-based Bukkit tutorials on how to create various plugins.

    Instead of me jabbering on, here they are (please subscribe/rate/comment if they helped):

    Door Lock Plugin (w/ Permission)

    New Craftbukkit (1.1+) - New Event System

    Tree Delogger Plugin
    Smite Plugin
    Anti-Griefing Plugin
    Auto-Broadcasting (Scheduled Messages) Plugin

    Change Player's Game Mode Plugin

    Basic Bukkit Plugin Tutorial (for Beginners)
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    Since no one has posted here i will.

    Great guide for starters, clear voice and easy to understand as myself i'm wanting to learn how to make a plugin and you've shown it :D thanks for the vids.
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    New episodes just added today! It's a tree delogger plugin :)
  4. Well, in my opinion, lengthly videos are not attractive :p I just clicked out of curiosity on the "Change Player's Game Mode Plugin" and 13 minutes seems toooo much to explain such a simple concept... unless you guys re-explain everything from the beginning...
    Just jump-start videos with the basic code and then quickly paste/fastforward to fully written codes and explain what they do and that's that, if someone wants to see the code they can just pause.
    Hope this helps :p

    Oh and you should post the plugins you made in the video as downloadable because some stuff may not be seen in the video or some people might not need to see the video, just a small code... that is, if you didn't already do so :}

    EDIT: actually, if you organize each video into sections, like, when you get to the code writing, when you get to the final product, etc, you could add anotations at the beginning to redirect people to those spots :p
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    I completely disagree. The point of a tutorial is not to open 3 class files and say "here's some code, pause if you need to see more than a few seconds of it", but rather to give a presentation of the problem, a brief explanation of the plan to solve the problem, and then a walkthrough of the solution whilst explaining how the different parts interact with each other to form the solution.

    And on that note... My own comments!

    GeekPlaya, I just watched the Delogger episodes, and I agree that your voice is clear, the videos are good quality for reading the code, and overall, the initial impression is quite nice.

    However, I find that these videos (at least the Delogger episodes) are way too sparse when it comes to relevant information. Why are you extending JavaPlugin in your main class, and what does it do? Why are you registering the event, and what purpose does the BlockListener actually solve? How/when is the event called, and how does it help with the problem at hand? Why do you call all those get methods, and which objects are you actually calling them on (when you're "chaining" the gets)? These are questions beginners should ask, and there are no (clear) answers in the videos.

    You're not the first, though. There are so many plugin tutorial series on these forums, and hardly any of them go into the important basics such as brief framework theory (and which tools Bukkit provides), event-driven software, and common pitfalls (e.g. the seemingly dangerous while-loop that doesn't check for y >= 128, for instance). This stuff is important to introduce during the learning process, because it gives beginners a much better understanding of what they're dealing with, what they'll be able to accomplish with Bukkit, how everything is pieced together, and why they shouldn't write a 200-line onPlayerMove method with a few dozen loops checking the Material types of every block in a radius of 40 from the player.

    As for "lengthy" or "blabbering" videos. They're good. People should watch these videos to learn - not to quickly see a bunch of code, copy it, and then be completely clueless as to what they've utilized to get the job done. "Monkey see, monkey do" is fine, but there has to be something more substantial to go along with it to really make it proper teaching material.

    Consider a carpenter making a tutorial on how to build a small cupboard or medicine cabinet. Which would be more useful; seeing him screw in a bunch of screws in seemingly random places saying stuff like "and a screw goes here, and then I'll hammer a nail in this piece right here", or a brief explanation of what the medicine cabinet is supposed to do, which types of wood are good for building it, which types of nails and screws will hold it together, and why the screws go on 'that side' instead of 'this side', etc.? Sure, the latter will probably take a little longer due to some of the explaining, but it'll drive the point home, spark some ideas and more than likely give the "students" a better notion of where they could also apply some of these techniques and concepts.

    Of course, these are just my opinions, and people learn in different ways. I'm sure some people are finding these videos much less "lacking" than I make them sound. I'd like to just make it clear that I am in no way "bashing" or trying to be a jerk, in case I come across that way. My feedback is meant entirely constructively ^_^
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    You've inspired me :)
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  7. Hold on now, I did not say such thing.
    I am not saying to make videos just to show off code... that's just useless, what I am saying is that everything should be explained in order and IF they want to see the code BETTER and for more extended period of time, they can just pause, I did not say that the video should require the viewers to do so.
    Also, "quickly paste/fastforward to fully written codes" was a bit overkill for what I wanted to say... but more efficient coding examples would be better and more explaining than actually watching you write... see below on the ctrl+space thing.

    Now, about that video, I watched it a bit, skipping parts, and I noticed that it starts off by explaining bukkit builds, shows how to create a project step by step and other stuff that are for people that actually start coding, but that is nowehere in the title nor the description, it says about the "gamemode changer", if someone clicked, that's what they want to see beeing done and explained.

    Also, for the coding part, I noticed he wrote onEnable, onDisable and onCommand() manually when he could've tought the viewers speed and accurancy with Ctrl+Space that displays a list of found methods of the selected block with extended/imlpemented classes or a selected class... in this case, the methods of JavaPlugin, which onCommand, onEnable and onDisable are a part of.

    So basically, the video isn't that good (it's ok :} ) for beginners, but they treat the viewers as such... and it also isn't verry intermediate+ friendly either because you get bored really fast because it shows stuff that you're not interested in and makes you skip stuff and maybe loose crucial information that in a smaller video wouldn't be skipped over.

    So basically, that video is like that carpenter mixed with both tactics, it also shows and says stuff and you can't get why he's doing it and it also explains some other stuff that are usefull, but they might get skipped due to the previous thing :p

    That's my opinion.

    Also, NOTE, I am only specifying the negative stuff from that video because I want to help you guys improve your videos for the sake of every coder out there, don't take it the wrong way :p

    EDIT: @GeekPlaya I noticed that you did the same intro with bukkit getting on the "tree delogger" video, why not just make one video on how to start a empty plugin and place links at the beginning of each video ?
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    This is some of the easiest and best tutorials you will find :-D
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    thank you sooooooo much because of you i know made my first plugin diamonds for you [diamond][diamond][diamond]
    and a diamond sword just for the haters [diamond]

    diamond sword fail here you go

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    I'll be checking them tomorrow since I'm on my iPod now and a tip: Use playlists if you haven't already.
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    Uh, either you havent uploaded a video since December 21, 2011 or you just havent updated this thread.
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    Thanks. I updated the thread. Remember, you can check my channel to see if there are more Bukkit tutorials.
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    These teach you how to code commands right? Do they teach how to access an API too? I want to make a plugin, but it accesses another plugin's API and needs if statements? Could I learn that from here?
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