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    I need a plugin where the player (ingame) could type /code ( or another command) and get a generated key of 5-6 symbols. ( something like: g5da89)

    It would then store the key along with the username in a MySQL database, along with a check-up column that would be named something like: used, to check if the key was used or not.

    Something simmilar to what you do when registering on the Dynmap logins :)
    I need this for my website, on the setup of their user accounts. So only one User might have one account on the website. To reduce spam users :)

    I really would hope that someone would pick this up, as I see it very useful. And have yet to find an alternative :oops:
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    Im assuming you use a website that needs MySQL?
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    I'm making a Website which consists of MySQL.
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    Alright, that makes everything easier. Instead of using the code generation you could do this.
    1. Find a MySQL online players plugin.
    2. On your website, when they register, make it so they have to go ingame and type /<command>
    3. /<command> Would use a PHP script to see if the user who ran the command is awaiting approval on the website.
    4. If that user is awaiting approval, then it will accept them as a member on the website.

    Get my thought process? If you need any help you can contact me @ inf.nhadobas on skype.
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    I can't see this working, wouldn't you need a plugin to pick up the command?
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    Well, yeah. But that's why you posted in Plugin Requests right?
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    Basically, you need a plugin that can generate a key when a user types in a command and store it in a MySQL server? You have everything else that is needed to work in your website?

    This is something that would be quite easy for me. Just let me know exactly how you want the plugin to work, and I could work on it. Also, tell me how you have the table formatted and all of the columns named.
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    That would be so great !! :D
    And yes, I'm able to retrieve the data from the MySQL database, and use it on the website on my own. I'm just not a great Java programmer (yet, I plan on learning some).

    Basically I would like you to store 3 things in the database:

      `id` tinyint(4) NOT NULL auto_increment,
      `used` char(3) NOT NULL default '',
      `username` varchar(100) NOT NULL default '',
      `key` varchar(100) NOT NULL default '',
      PRIMARY KEY  (`id`)
    When the command is executed by the user, it would need to first check, that the user is not already in the base (if that can be done). If he is, have the generated key be shown to him.

    If he is not in the base, I would like it to add him, with a new generated key, and on the columnn used, set a 0 for not used yet. I'm planning on changing it to 1 with my PHP script when the key is used. So it can only be used once :)
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    Easy enough. I'll work on it now. Everything that you described can be done.

    Good news! I'm done. I just need to test the plugin on my servers and then I can give it to you.

    Alright. It's done. Just check your PMs.

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    Thank you Wolf :)
    The plugin works perfectly according to my specifications :)
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