bukkit servers use 27% processor, stock uses 1%

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by pufftmd2389, Dec 15, 2011.

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    i was going to install bukkit on my server because i love bukkit and it has things i just cant play without but after installing the recommended build i saw with no one on it and no plugins it was still using 27% processor, so i checked the stock server to see what it was running at and even when i joined the server i had a max cpu usage for that server of 2%. ( the bukkit server also uses 3x the ram as well but that i am ok with)
    why does bukkit hoard cpu time like this?

    server specs.
    Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate (smoother than i thought, smoother than xp for this server)
    QuadCore AMD Athlon II X4 635, 2900 MHz (14.5 x 200)
    7936 MB (DDR3-1333 )
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    You are doing something wrong... Plugin display error idk something hehe. Been using bukkit ohh way to long and all I can tell you is bukkit uses less resources unless you use a bad build or a bad plugin.
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    Marked in red what your doing wrong ;)
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    tried with xp and linux distros, 7 runs the smoothest for every server i have tried, this includes bukkit ( or at least it used to at 1.7)
    simply not a matter of OS. ( chill out linux kid)
    as a matter of fact it has settled it self out, i just said screw it and ran the server like that for a while, added plug ins and imidiatly after adding a group of plugins it was all smooth, eh im not tracking it down .

    here are all the things i am running on the server currently.
    cod4 server, 2 - urbanterror servers, 2 -stock minecraft, a bukkit server, and a mumble server.
    i dont think i have much of an issue even if the server WAS running at high usage...
    high spikes are from streaming my desktop to my home computer from the server.
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    Nathan C

    Lmao, this is so true.

    Linux is the way to go.

    EDIT: Wait, you complaining about 27% use on one core?! You do realize how weak that CPU is right?
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    Bukkit does have some additional overhead with events and the like. I would not worry until your core is close to 100%
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    I have _not_ compared to vanilla, that is, maybe the increase is there - but going from 1.8.1 to 1.0.0 was a noticeable increase in CPU usage here as well (same plugins etc).

    I'd assume it's new mob behaviour in MC that takes more time per tick.
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    No. Linux (Text-line) is the way to go. Uses barely any resorces because all it displays is text. Win 7 already uses about a gig of ram for itself.
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    It actually doesnt use that much, but it keeps things in memory so they will load faster. If you max out your ram usage (use a memory tester or something) then turn the program off you will see windows stopped using a lot that it was before. You can run Windows 7 on a computer with only 1g of ram if you really wanted to.

    Linux text should always run better regardless, but most people couldnt use that, so for most your looking at win 7 vs ubuntu.
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    No way. I've stripped down Ubuntu to run on 60MB of RAM. There is no way memory-hog windows 7 runs the smoothest, it simply takes more resources for itself and leaves less for the server.
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    what might have happened was you had new map. generating new areas on the map uses more cpu
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    Its more then likely something unrelated to minecraft causing an issue. Notice that he is using it for multiple purposes, win 7 may actually be smoother for him regardless of it using more resources.
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