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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Shadow15, Jun 5, 2011.

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    Okay so, I just started creating a Minecraft server using Bukkit, and I am the only one who can log on, when anyone else tries it says "Error: Connection Timed Out.", but this only occurs with Bukkit, when I use the vanilla software people can log on just fine, please help if you know what is wrong.
    Other Info
    - I am using Windows 7 (x64)
    - Java version 1.6.0_23
    - I am not using Hamachi, or any programs like that. (I have it installed, but I don't use the IP that Hamachi gives me.)
    - I am using build #818
    - I have no plugins installed
    - As said earlier I'm getting a "connection timed out"error

    P.S. - My ports are forwarded, my ip is correct
    P.P.S - If this has already been answered on the forums could you post the link to the page.
  2. There should be no difference between Vanilla or Bukkit in the way your clients connect to server, unless for some reason the port number has changed. When your bukkit server starts, look for the line :
    01:02:49 [INFO] Starting Minecraft server on *:25565
    This will be the port number your bukkit server is running on.
    I'm assuming you are starting bukkit with a .bat file rather than some sort of server wrapper ?
    When you say you are the only one who can log on, you don't say if you are running both server / client on the same machine, or if they are on seperate machines. Info like this can assist.
    Clients not able to connect is usually down to 2 things :
    1) Software / Hardware firewall issue
    2) Port Forwarding issue on the router

    Since you say Vanilla server, people can connect, it is difficult to understand why they can't connect to bukkit - there's no difference in connection between the servers for connection ?
    The only other thing I can offer to try is look for your server.properties file in your server folder and edit the line :


    Restart your server - it'll give a warning in the console, but don't worry, it'll still start, then see if anyone can connect.
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    online-mode=___ was already set to true,
    It says it was running on port 25565, which I already forwarded,
    Yes I am starting with the .bat file,
    Yes I am running both the server and client on the same machine.

    UPDATE - It is my firewall, I have to turn it off completely to let anyone join, does anyone know an alternative. (I have tried adding it as an exception, but firewall only allows me to add .exe files, not .bat files.)

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  4. Unfortunately, you do not say which software you are using as your firewall - i.e. the inbuilt Windows firewall, or some 3rd party software.
    I'm going to assume Win 7 inbuilt firewall.
    When you get to the 'choose program' section, browse to your server folder and then in the filename field, type
    *.jar and press return or click OK.
    This should bring up the bukkit jar file - its this that you need to let through, not the bat file.
    Once the jar file is visible, you can choose it and continue on with setting the rule.
    I've not tested this works myself, but fingers crossed.
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