Solved Bukkit server errors + some questions about GUI and plugins

Discussion in 'General Help' started by BLURRYFACe, Jun 24, 2017.

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    So, im running a bukkit server on version 1.8 just for fun playing with my friends, and this error keeps making my log like 10MB-15MB everytime i play . it just repeats.

    And i have some questions about the gui: ( im running v with java 7 64bits)

    1. Why cant i download plugins directly from it?
    2. Is it ok for the server to use like 1.5GBs for 3 players?

    im running : EntityLWC, EssentialsGroupManager, EssentialsX-2.0.1, HealthBar, PermissionsEx-1.23.3, Vault, worldedit-bukkit-6.1.3, worldguard-6.0.0-beta-05 .
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    1. What GUI? Since I don't know what GUI you're using, most likely it is because no one thought to add that feature.
    2. Yes. The player count does not matter for used memory. What really takes up memory is active plugins and chunks loaded.
    3. The error is that PermissionsEx is invalid. Try redownloading it.
    4. Why are you still on 1.8? There is no reason to stay on older versions, as they leave you susceptible to attacks. Update your server.
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    1. Bukkit GUI
    2. I saw a post somewhere, which said it should be like 500mb/player ..
    3. DONE - it wasnt from PermissionsEx, it was because of a plugin EntityLWC.. idk why, but i uninstalled it :)
    4. Thats the version we like the most, we are very experienced on it.
    i would like to update the server, but i dont know how, without losing our progress.
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    1. I have never worked with BukkitGUI, so I don't know where you would do it. Maybe the plugin tab?
    2. Yeah, that's not true: In that case, a server with 400 players on it would be over 195 GB, which is that maximum amount of ram the highest performance computer can hold. Most likely, they meant 500 KB (Kilobytes), which is minuscule.
    3. Strange; the error message said it was caused from PEX. In which case, mark this thread as solved.
    4. I'll let it be your choice, but be ready that someone with hacks may be able to bypass any anti-cheats you have installed/ may be able to take control of components for your server.
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