Bukkit server crash on specific player join, black void chunk load corrupted player.dat file.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by DutchCraft, Nov 11, 2012.

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    The past few weeks, i've encountered the following problem on our servers and can't track this problem down easily.

    The problem is that when a specific player with a corrupted player.dat file in the spawnworld is loggin in and see's a black void. There are no console errors and the server is read timing out and crashing/not responding.

    We are not using any onjoin chunk load mechanisms besides we run multiverse to manage our worlds. And if an error would popped up we would have had the knowledge to find the cause.

    Someone here with the same problem and the knowledge to track this down? This never happened before on our servers and there are no errors so this is most likely to be a bukkit bug itself.

    Once the player.dat file is deleted the player can join again and there is no problem. Next time when it happens it's another username that's corrupted.

    Image ingame:
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    Nobody with the same problem?
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    What plugins are you running? Are you running on a HD or SSD? In either case, have you verified that your disk is good? Is your RAM good? Is your server shutting down gracefully?
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    My server has a startuptime of 3,1 seconds, running HD 6gb/s, Running I7 3900k 6 cores 12 threads 64gb ram.

    The server always shutdown and startup perfecly with no errors. We run 3 dedicated servers and the two populair servers have this problem, the other one isnt that much used so it is not happening there.

    I think this bug is related to the player.dat file because it also have happened on Admin usernames and i shot this screenshot myself. For me it seems it attempted to load the Chunks of the Spawnworld but failed to get the right coordinates from the .dat file because of somekind of corruption.

    As soon as the file is deleted and remade again by bukkit that player can play for hours/days again, until a next username is corrupted and the server reads time outs because of this player to login.

    The only plugin that is using Load mechanisms is Multiverse and i doubt that the problem is in there.
    We do get over 10 000 of player dat files since we run a community for 30k players.

    Last but not least, we are running bukkit and servers for two years now since the beginning and know how bukkit works. Never had this problem until the 1.3 and 1.4 builds.

    I will try and get more documentation of this happening.
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    Sounds like what is happening is you have a plugin (not multiverse) that is doing edits to the player.dat.

    If you can reproduce this error without plugins, you can safely assume its a Bukkit or Vanilla bug. Until then, its likely a plugin.
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    I will track down any plugin i use from bukkit and view the source for any player.dat interaction or even onplayerjoin interaction and add debuggers.

    Reproducing on vanilla is no option, to get those 1000ths of players in a new vanilla server. We know what software/plugins we run on the server, and know what they are doing. We've got developer status aswell on bukkit.

    Ill get back on this subject with more information after i have more information.
  7. i had the same problem i deleted their player file in the world folder and it was fixed.But whenever you go there it crashes
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    Changed a method of one of my plugins to do it's job 5 ticks later, this might solve this case for me.
    If this will solve my case, it is indeed a bukkit plugin causing it onplayerjoin and the solution would then be, acces the event 5 ticks later to ensure that the player.dat file is loaded before.

    I will have to wait and monitor this, i will report back on wether this was a fault of myself or still occurs.
    Your reply won't be useless TnT, i appreciate your comment.
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    Problem is still occuring.

    Console pops up nothing usefull. Main thread is just hang stuck and it fails hard.

    21.11 17:19:00 [Multicraft] Server ran command Save World
    21.11 17:18:52 [Server] INFO Reached end of stream
    21.11 17:18:51 [Server] INFO Connection reset
    21.11 17:17:47 [Server] INFO [Nedercraft] immie has been given 40 NC Points for voting.
    21.11 17:16:46 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:16:46 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:15:55 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:15:13 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:14:23 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:14:00 [Multicraft] Server ran command Save World
    21.11 17:13:36 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:13:15 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:12:43 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:12:28 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:12:28 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:11:46 [Server] INFO Connection reset
    21.11 17:11:01 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:11:00 [Multicraft] Server ran command PqBan
    21.11 17:10:48 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:10:37 [Server] INFO Connection reset
    21.11 17:10:25 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:10:16 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:09:55 [Server] INFO Connection reset
    21.11 17:09:41 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:09:02 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:09:00 [Multicraft] Server ran command Save World
    21.11 17:08:45 [Server] INFO [PqSystem] Invalid player!
    21.11 17:08:45 [Server] INFO [PqSystem] Invalid player!
    21.11 17:08:40 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:08:25 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:08:04 [Server] INFO Connection reset
    21.11 17:07:55 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:07:41 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:07:33 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:07:27 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:06:58 [Server] INFO Connection reset
    21.11 17:06:16 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:06:08 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:05:52 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:05:46 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:05:38 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:05:23 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:05:20 [Server] INFO Connection reset
    21.11 17:05:16 [Server] INFO Read timed out
    21.11 17:04:42 [Server] INFO [Villager] killroy: ja
    21.11 17:04:42 [Multicraft] wouter654 ran command Message of the Day
    21.11 17:04:42 [Connect] User wouter654, IP xxxxxx
  10. i had the problem too its to do with bukkit chunk spawning when i tped there it was all void. its like a black hole in minecraft as a results it tines out the server.You need to restart it.Delete the players .data file in your world you find out whos by checking who used a tp command or normal commands before.For example 2127 owns a faction called Lordz their f home is in that chunk.He uses f home then the server crashes happend to me to.I told him to never go there.But this error apeared later so i just decided to restart the map in 1.4..It got fixed and happend never again.The map i had was from 1.2.5 or 1.3 so it might have been that while converting the world something happend.
    Il see what TnT has to say bout this
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    It's a hard one to track down, my guess its related to the teleporting of a chunk on playerjoin and somehow that freezes the main thread of chunks/bukkit itself. Ported async functions as voting and rcon functions still are executed.
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    I'm having a random crash issue. Its extremely annoying. It sounds a bit like what you guys are talking about. If anyone finds this issue out. Please do contact me.
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    Are your random server crashes related to teleportation chucnk void problems where the player.dat file is corrupt?
    Give some info.
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    We have found a way to reproduce this bug. Watch the video in the description of the bugtracker.

    Oh and the answer is Yes.

    We temporarely fixed this by adding the following functionionallity:
    If their Y coordinate is less than 0 (void) on quit teleport them to the world spawn.
    Location loc = player.getLocation();

    if (loc.getY() < 0) {

    Additional edit:
    It is only happening on survival mode worlds. It does not happen on creative mode worlds.
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    How do we add this to our server DutchCraft?
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    'Scuse me but how do I add this to my server
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