Bukkit Server 1.0.0 Problem

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by BiGUNMAN, Nov 22, 2011.

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    I dowload the 1.0.0 bukkit server and its a notepad document and when I open it it just shows code and doesn't do anything and lags my computer like crazy I need some help!
    So now nobody can join the server cause its for old version 1.8
    So can anyone explane what to do cause I'm pretty sure I didn't do something correct I went to youtube to if there's any tutorials and they skip to when the servers already installed but I can't even get there

    It says outdated server


    pic its shows the server build 1337 and it says outdated server etc

    going to restart computer and give more info
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    1337 is the newest RB ("Recommended Build") of CraftBukkit. There are no recommended builds for Minecraft 1.0 yet.

    You can use a development build instead (WARNING: these usually contain lots of errors and unexpected problems). Development builds can be found here: http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/
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    I'll try out that but I think I already downloaded it and it didn't work

    I don';t understand that I downloaded the thing but its just a java format and its called snapshot1.0.0 etc... what am I suppose to do with it?!
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    You are supposed to download "craftBukkit-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar". That's the craftBukkit server. Now you got to replace your old craftBukkit.jar with this version (maybe you need to rename the new file such that it has the same name as the old .jar file).

    That's all there is to update your craftbukkit server manually. If you don't know where your craftBukkit.jar file (may be called different) is located, you should ask the creators of your fancy updating program or just wait for a RB build of CraftBukkit.

    Also, you won't get any support from the bukkit team for using development builds. It's your risk and you must decide if it is worth taking.
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    so when they release the no dev build the server updates it self?
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    no, you'll need to replace the dev-build snapshot with the recommended build one.
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    Any idea when the recommended 1.0 will be coming out? VPS im running wont allow updates until its labeled "recommended"
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    When it is ready.
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