Bukkit RB - still not stable for me

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by strontkever, Dec 17, 2011.

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    Since 1.0 came out i started using its builds right away.

    it kept happening that the server froze after running "minutes to days" just a random time it seems.
    hoping on a recommended build with a fix inside...

    since the RB it still freezes (cpu on 25% (100% on 1 core) and only killing the process and restarting the server would help..
    IM SAD!
    i tried:
    vanilla server (not freezing, but cmon, bukkit is a must)
    full clean install (new map + required plugins) freezes

    i just updated java on the server itself but im pretty much at the end of trying, i can only wait for updates on bukkit or its plugins...

    Is there anyone with this problem???
    Or am i missing something to get this fixed...

    im very serious, since 1.0 the server didnt run more then 1.5 days..

    regards. Stront
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    Same things happen to me, my server just "freezes" like every 30 mins. With no read timed out error.
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    well, if it freezes, after a while i get the read time out and connection lost messages, but the server itself is just frozen long before the messages
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    rofl your name is funny mr. strontkever, dutch?
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    ja, but still sad :(
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    I think it is bugged plugins. I am also having the same issues. I got rid of two plugins and it seemed to work.
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    link je plugins/link your plugins =) (a list)
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    well i tried running bukkit with only: essentials, worldguard, worldedit, bpermissions, herochat, lwc, multiworld and worldborder

    these are neccesary for me, they are all updated
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    I use almost all of them except multiworld and worldborder. Try diabeling the plugins one by one and see if that can solve some issues.

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    updated both (latest multiworld doesnt work creating worlds, but took a version before that, did work)

    so lets await another day :(

    froze again now OMFG i HATE 1.0!
    GOD i tried SO MUCH

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    Find out the offending plugin and remove/update it. If the plugin is updated, but still causes problems, contact the dev of that plugin.
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