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  1. Hello,
    I need a plugin (or mod, but this is bukkit forums) that will hide totally to players the online player lists.
    There are 2 big things, I believe:
    1) the player count when server is shown in the list. I believe I could use there a fake number. My players will be told anyway that they can't see who's online nor the number of online players.
    2) the player list with "tab" key in-game. There, we must either hide the names and number of people, either disable totally the feature, or even replace it with another feature.

    Of course, OP should be still able to see the list & number of players, by any way; either by a command (I think essentials has one, I had to disable it for players - that was the easy part), either by the basic existing feature.

    I've not found any plugin or mod doing this, so if you got any link, or if you could work on it, thank you very much!!
    I'm ready to test right now and for next 6 hours, and in general in next 7 days (not on holidays, just launching a PvP server that needs this).
    An answer in the next 2 days would be awesome, really. :)

    Thank you for reading.
  2. I need a plugin (or mod) able to hide this:
    View attachment 16891
    and this :
    View attachment 16892
    (red thingy to hide what I don't want you to see, sorry)

    As I said, the name of players, and the number of players.
    When someone comes to the server, he musn't be able to see if there's someone or not.
    A fake number will be fine for the number of players in the server list.
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  4. Why? Because I need it for my PvP server which alpha version is out soon.
    It's all about perfect PvP : no safe place but possible hiding, no message when logging in, out, when someone dies, no log off when in combat (pvp or pve), closed map, fun mods and several choices for materials (not just "omg diamonds", thanks to NetherRocks mod), rewarding and very dangerous Nether (which is closed too, obviously, just like any dimension in the server), death = ban 3 minutes, then random spawn in the whole map...

    People musn't be able to see how many people are online, nor who. Otherwise, they would for example wait once a base is found so that no one's connected to go loot it.
    We need danger, adrenaline.
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  5. I think that actually seem really cool, i think that plugin would be prety cool for a server like that. Im not sure how to do it but im sure sum 1 can do it.
  6. king_of_all96543 > thank you. The server will be out before long (with or without this plugin), so do not hesitate into asking me or looking at topics I'll make on several websites.;)

    T3h Cr33p3r > thanks for this answer.

    So, anyone..?
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    NewMilenium If someone can point me toward the proper packet for hiding the players I can look into this but I am not sure if I can get it done. Packets are most certainly not my specialty and this plugin seems fairly dependent on those.

    NewMilenium Okay, I found the Packet(s) I need and this is seeming to be much easier than expected. I'll take a shot at it and if I can't get it working well I will put it up on BukkitDev and link you to the page.

    NewMilenium I've done all except for the online player count (Which I can't do as it's a bunch of stuff that is beyond me and all examples of it I have located use ProtocolLib's PacketAdapter which I am not going to hook into.

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  8. Hello,
    thank you for those answers!
    JRL1004 > This is excellent! I'm ready to test it whenever you want.

    DanyBv > me too, I found this, before posting this topic. Actually, if JRL1004 plugin works, this is gonna be very useful; but before hiding player names, it was totally useless (why having a fake numbers when you can see who's online and who's not? You can count who's real and who's not, then deduce the real number of people).
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    NewMilenium Okay, I'm putting on the final touches so it has everything requested and smoothing out the bugs. I should be able to get this to you tomorrow :)
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  10. Wow!!! Thanks a lot!
    I'll test and report on here. You're very kind, sir!
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    Using the API you can change the max players online to -1 to make it say ??? in place of 0/10. Just thought I'd throw that out there as its a neat effect to this idea.
  12. And how much would be the effective maximum then..? If no limit, that would be perfect.
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    The limit set in server.properties is still used. The -1 is just a value sent on ping for statistical information only. The client will not understand the negative amount and just write ??? on the server list instead.
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    That would actualy work.
    As for the blocking the tab list, you can use 2 lines with BKCommonLib in OnEnable:
    1. TabView tabView = TabView.createTab(3, 20);
    2. tabView.displayToAll();
  15. Thanks for your help, guys.
    Feel free to take more time if you want, JRL1004. Would you be interested in having more info about the PvP server that will soon be out in alpha version? :)
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    NewMilenium I'm going to have to take more time sadly. For some reason PacketPlayOutPlayerInfo is refusing to function some of the time so I am looking into it.
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  18. You have nothing new, JRL1004? I am still ready to test and report bugs to you.
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    Most devs don't follow threads so you will have to get his attention by tagging him or using the reply button
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  20. Oh. I had no idea about that. Thank you, timtower.
    JRL1004 , here we go.
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    I could make this in 2 minutes. You just want the tab list to be empty and for the slots bar on ping to be empty also correct?
    EDIT timtower NewMilenium
  22. MayoDwarf if this prevents any guessing of how many people are online and who's online, as explained a lot in the whole topic, then yes, that's correct. Otherwise, no, that's not correct.
    But I'm afraid this wouldn't be very fair to JRL1004 .
    Maybe give him the sources if you do it in 2 minutes?
    And anyway I will test it 1 to 30 hours after you post the plugin and reply here the remarks.
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    MayoDwarf No need to tag me :p don't need this
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  25. MayoDwarf Thank you.
    I tested on the server itself; it hides the names in the "tab" list, but we can still count the number of ping bars, and so deduce the number of players.
    By the way, the number of players can be seen too when connecting to the server.
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    NewMilenium Yea, Sorry. I've been doing a lot lately. I think I got everything you want good-to-go. Sorry for any delay, I'll get a link put on here to a dropbox download once it's uploaded.

    EDIT: I'll let you test mine as well but if MayoDwarfs works better then I'm fine with you using theirs. I just make plugins because I enjoy it so it's no loss to me.
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