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Where do you run your server?

  1. On a dedicated laptop

  2. On a dedicates desktop

  3. I pay for hosting

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    So I'm running a Bukkit server (1.3.1) on my laptop, and nothing else. The laptop is running Windows 7 64-bit so that way Java can have access to all four gigabytes of RAM.

    According to server diagnostic sites, what you can run based on your RAM and Internet connection, I should be able to have 10 people comfortably on my server.

    However, simply me and my friend get no more than 20-35 frames per second, and a bit of lag here and there.

    Suggestions as to what I can do to increase performance? :( I'd like to have 10 people.

    * Intel Centrinon Dual Core @ 2.3 GHz
    * 4 GB RAM
    * 250 GB HD
    * RamDisk ported server
    * Windows 7 64-Bit
    * Java 7 64-bit
    * 18 Mb/sec Up
    * 3.5 Mb/sec Down
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    Lag spikes (in F3): caused by client lags most of the time. (too less RAM, CPU, bandwidth, etc.)

    Are you sure its the server and not only the client workstations?
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