Bukkit NullPointerException. New World. All Plugins Removed.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by azoundria, Feb 20, 2011.

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    So I've updated to the latest Bukkit. My server is the same setup as used to work just fine. When I start it up, this is the output.

    I already disabled all my plugins, and asked it to start a brand new world (world10). It also doesn't work with an existing world that worked fine.

    So, is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone else found a solution? What's the latest working version of CraftBukkit?
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    This is the code I'm using to launch it:

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    as all the other threads indicate b400 does not run :p
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    Removing screen from the mix, and just launching Java, I still get the same issue.
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    What is the latest working build of CraftBukkit and where is a link to download that?
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    Okay I found a number of old links that do not work including this one:


    What I need is a link that does work.
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    Is there a listing somewhere of all the Bukkit releases and which are stable/unstable?
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    I got 325 as mentioned in other post,, just keept refreshing the page until i was able to download it..
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    Okay so my link is correct? Even though it says 'Bad Gateway'?

    How many times did you have to attempt a download?
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