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Should there be more news posted?

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    Well we're coming to the end of the year again. I suppose it's now approaching time for a new post in Bukkit News? I mean I love that we get a yearly update and all, but...

    I just feel like we should get more than that. *Braces for slamming on personal opinions*

    Anyway, I understand considering Bukkit isn't exactly being developed anymore, but come on. There has to be something interesting in the Minecraft community that the Bukkit team is interested in and makes them feel compelled to make a new post more than once in a year. Showcase a server, talk about E3 and Minecon, for Christ's sake guys, Hypixel just won four Guiness World Record awards. There's stuff to share that's more interesting than security updates and apologies.
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    I would, as long as it is not another post about being breached and having to reset passwords.

    I do agree with you, however this is just a sign showing how bukkit is dieing (as if it wasn't already).
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    I don't think it's dying. I think we're just losing activity. Also, if you have such a large community, you can easily keep it active by just making more posts. So, with that being said, I agree with the two of you. I always skip past the blog posts, because they rarely post anything. I also rarely come on here, but I think more posts would keep me interested in the website. I know the post things on Twitter, or retweet a lot of stuff, but that never really holds my attention for too long. Posts on their blog certainly do though. :D
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    Interesting point, however those posts would need to have some purpose as well, and most likely would have to have something to do with Bukkit, which since it lost a lot of its leaders and is losing community activity, limits the amount of topics that would fit. The only thing that I think could fit would be a sort of "Plugins of the Week/Month" type of post, but that would require someone to review tens, if not hundreds, of plugins posted within that time.
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