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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by motivation41, Feb 15, 2011.

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    Hi Guys!

    Me and my friends got a problem with our server. We can't use bukkit on MineOS. If we start a Pure server, everything works perfectly but when we try too start a bukkit server only one person can join, if another one tries to join, both get DC and server gets timed out. Don't really know what more I can tell you that can help us with this problem, cuz thats mainly the problem. So, you guys have any solution on this problem?

    Just ask if you need too know something else that I forgot about to say ;P
  2. Hmm, what's MineOS?
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    This doesn't belong here. Post in Discussion and Support.
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    It's a Pizza place in Pittsburgh, but also a OS.

    Arh, can a mod move the thread?
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    Moved. You do it again and I will eat your cake!
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    Thank you, will not happen again.
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    I'm going to assume that MineOS is some Linux derivative optimized to work with Minecraft.

    In which case I would highly suggest switching OS's to either CentOS or Ubuntu. Chances are if you're having problems with a vanilla bukkit server, and you didn't have problems before, it's the OS that's causing the issue.

    I honestly see no reason in using a version of Linux optimized for bukkit, because unless your hardware is really crappy, you'll only see minor performance increases. Most Linux distros are generally light on resource usage, and "optimized" OS's tend to mainly focus on reducing resource consumption.

    What's the startup script look like for starting up bukkit?
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    We did have problem with Vanilla bukkit before. Hugh lag spikes and delay. We switched too MineOS from Windows Server and all the lag is gone but bukkit ain't working correctly.

    Also, we did have lag problems with the normal Minecraft server you can get from Minecrats homepage.
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    Then I would highly suggest switching to CentOS or Ubuntu. MineOS isn't very popular (in comparison to Ubuntu/CentOS), so documentation and support will be hard to come by.

    Besides, like I stated earlier, you won't see much of a performance gain from using MineOS (if you manage to get it working smoothly at all).

    TnT has a nice guide for setting up Ubuntu 10.10 and bukkit.

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    MineOS has come a ways since Toasty's comment.

    I don't think popularity compared to Ubuntu and CentOS is relevant.
    MineOS is specifically adapted to run as Minecraft server.
    It is not a general linux OS intended to have a wide distribution to specialists (CentOS) or linux-noobs like me who are just curious about linux (Ubuntu).

    MineOS is pretty easy to install.
    My prior linux experience was installing and playing around with Ubuntu as dual-boot with WinXP.
    With MineOS as a standalone OS, it took less than half an hour from beginning a clean box install to a server I powerup and walk away from.
    If installing for dual-boot or installing plugins, you'd need to do additional steps you'd follow for any OS install.

    I've got MineOS running beautifully in ram-disk configuration as an installed bootup OS with bukkit plugins Dynmap, Essentials, Multiverse and others, all post 1.3 updates.

    The RAM footprint of MineOS is smaller than you'd get with other OS and it's not eating RAM or CPU clock by running processes not needed for Minecraft, which you might get with other OS.

    With MineOS my server lag was gone even before MC server 1.3, where previously it was a problem even for my 4-player LAN-only SMP.

    If you try it out, maybe do it within VirtualBox and recognize MineOS v2 is flagged unstable, I use v1.2x without any issues. Both versions are available for downloaads as iso.
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