Solved Bukkit Material doesnt have iron trap door?

Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by ti07shadow, Apr 13, 2015.

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    So I have noticed that "Material" doesnt seem to have iron trap door at all. Atm using a work around using item id's but dont like the fact im having to use a deprecated method. Is there any other methods I can use to check for Iron Trap door? Or perhaps a way to add "add it" so to speak to the bukkit Materials, by defining it as a "Material" ??

    example: Material.IRON_TRAPDOOR
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    Iron trapdoors didn't exist until 1.8 which isn't supported here since there is not an official Bukkit build(I believe).
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    We currently support "Alternatives" in the Alternatives section
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    I am using the spigot 1.8 jar

    I mean I have a temp solution which is using getId(), and checking that. Just prefer to use to get the type by name such as "Material.TRAP_DOOR" but with the iron trapdoor, instead of the regular trap door, being that all the other checks work in this matter. (Just prefer not to have a whole spot just to check for id'd items...)
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    @ti07shadow Material.IRON_TRAPDOOR is available if you compile with a 1.8 fork of bukkit.
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    edit: nevermind, i see I have 1.8.1 for spigot, spigots 1.8.3 and the Material.IRON_TRAPDOOR was put in that one -.- saw the changelog stuff sigh lol woops
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