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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Metro4151, Apr 22, 2012.

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    <font color="#000000">A Message to all Launchpad Users.</font>
    Thank you to all who have used Bukkit Launchpad, and liked using it. We here at Tectrik hope that this tool has made your Minecraft Server hosting experience easier, and more fun. Unfortunately, all things come to an end.

    One of those things, is actually Bukkit Launchpad. There is actually an untold truth about Launchpad though. It's that we've planned to discontinue it ever since we've released it back in April. Oh, here's something funny. We created the thread before we actually started with the program itself. The only existing snapshot of the [WIP] A 'Launchpad' for Bukkit thread, is here.

    The 'new program' is currently in the works. This thread will have a link to it when it eventually comes out, and this thread will remain UN-DELETED. Oh, and I'd like to ask a Forum Moderator to kindly set this thread to an 'inactive' state.

    Once again, I'd like to thank everyone. Everyone who has allowed me to use their programs as content in mine, that goes the same for plugins Essentials, Pail, PailPlus, PTweaks, all of you guys. And a major shoutout to LogMeIn Inc. who allowed me to add in Hamachi.

    The one person I'd like to thank more specifically, would be Bertware. He gave me coding advice, helped me when I had issues, and also for allowing me to implement the BukkitGUI project.

    There's always more to come.
    - Metro4151
    Founder of Tectrik


    <font color="#000000">Game Version: 1.3.2</font>
    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted mediafire url>
    <font color="#000080">**Make sure to delete Bukkit Launchpad before installing updated version.</font>

    <font color="#ff6600">To get that file, download it by using the program we've implemented.</font>

    <font color="#ff00ff">[​IMG]</font>
    <font color="#ff00ff">- Pail Server Manager</font>
    <font color="#ff00ff">- PailPlus</font>
    <font color="#ff00ff">- CraftBukkitUpToDate</font>
    <font color="#ff00ff">- Essentials</font>
    <font color="#ff00ff">- PTweaks</font>
    <font color="#993366">[​IMG]</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Downloads and updates craftbukkit.jar</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Deletes old craftbukkit.jar</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Run Server normally (w/ Pail)</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Start BukkitGUI</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Open plugins folder</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Minecraft Tool Capabilities</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Hamachi</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Application PortMapper</font>
    <font color="#993366">- About Dialog</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Tabbed Inter</font><font color="#993366">face </font>
    <font color="#993366">- Sleek design</font>
    <font color="#993366">- Added MCSPP Links</font>

    <font color="#0000ff">[​IMG]</font>
    Description: The Bukkit Launchpad homescreen

    Description: the setup screen


    Description: the splash screen

    <font color="#999999">[​IMG]</font>
    <font color="#999999">Microsoft Windows</font>
    <font color="#999999">Linux w/ Mono, Wine with vb 8 installed</font>
    <font color="#0000ff">[​IMG]</font>
    "It's a lot easier to work than the other Auto Installer I was using."
    - EchoHayashi

    <font color="#ff9900">2.0 (Final) Patch Notes: </font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- New designs and codes </font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- New logo </font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- Added Essentials </font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- Added PTweaks</font>
    <font color="#ff9900"> - New splash screen</font>
    <font color="#ff9900"> - Added PortMapper </font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- 1.3.2 Capable</font>
    <font color="#ff9900"> - ALL java versions now supported </font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- New Jar Downloader/Installer</font>

    <font color="#ff9900">1.0.1 (Final) Patch Notes:</font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- Newly designed 'Tabbular' GUI</font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- More bugs sqwashed</font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- Added new Server Manager: MicroCraft</font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- Minecraft Server Tool update implemented</font>

    <font color="#ff9900">Beta 1.6 Patch Notes:</font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- Added Minecraft Bukkit Tool</font>
    <font color="#ff9900">- Added 64-Bit (x64) Java capability</font>
    <font color="#ff9900">-Launchpad now builds in release configuration</font>

    <font color="#33cccc">Required Programs:</font>
    <font color="#33cccc">Java 6/7, x86/x64</font>
    <font color="#33cccc">Microsoft .NET Framework 4 or higher</font>
    <font color="#33cccc">Working broadband internet connection</font>

    <font color="#ff0000">[​IMG]</font>
    <font color="#ff0000">Leave a comment below if you need support on something. If I don't respond fast enough, email me. My address is [email protected].</font>
    Oh and just a little note, this program bundle is NOT malicious. Scan it if you want, we don't do viruses.
    After setting up your server, do you want to make it public? Click here to learn how to set up Hamachi.
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    Hey Metro, This thing looks awesome but i have no idea how to use it can you help
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    Just keep it on your computer, I'll make a setup video for it tomorrow
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    where do i find the JAR.file

    I Wont be able to do it tommorow can you explain it too me

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    The .jar file is not in there by default. You need to open the Bukkit Launchpad to download the jar. Ill post a tutorial tomorrow, dont worry
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    As i said before i am not able to do it tomorrow its now or never to set this up on the computer i am running it through this and i wont be able to use this computer again as its not mine i can only start it on this one so, can you please help i think there is a lot of potential in this and i would love to use it, if you can help me as soon as possible it would be awesome
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    Sorry, but I'm unavailable to help at the moment :( . I really wish I could help but you're gonna have to wait until tomorrow.
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    Things to look to:
    -Build in release configuration instead of publishing your project, it's a lot more user friendly (it will give you just a working .exe)
    -I got FileNotFound exceptions when I tried to run a program from the launchpad (I changed launchpad.exe.deploy to launchpad.exe, as I didn't want to install). Catch those errors.
    -Generate the .bat file dynamic, or replace
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    Okay, When Beta 1.6 comes out I'll build in release configuration and fix those batch errors. I'll post it up today, whenever Black_Katana gets around fixing our version of the Minecraft Server Tool. Remeber, it's still in beta and there IS quite alot to fix.

    Version 6.0b, woo hoo!

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    Those glitches are now fixed Version 1.6 is out. :)
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    Metro, question. I'm changing the server settings. You know by double clicking and changing the text. But let's say I'm trying to change the "Online Mode" from true to false. What am I doing wrong for it not to correctly work on the server? I'm doing a cracked server and cracked players are still getting the "Not premium" Message. Am I doing this wrong or is there a manual way to do it? Maybe there's some kind of "Ok" button I'm not seeing after I change all the settings... e-o and yes, I've restarted the server several times with no change.

    EDIT: Wait .-. I think I figured it out. I'm dumb.
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    EchoHayashi It is pretty easy if you just look. Congrats on finding it, btw
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    Still filenotfound exception when I try to run something from the launchpad.
    Note: not installed in C:\, because I have an SSD and I wanted this test to be on my HDD in another folder. You need to handle this, just use relative paths.
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    Okay, but can you tell me how to do that? I've heard of a line of code, is it instead of C:\Tectrik_Bukkit will it be something like &folder;\Tectrik_Bukkit? PM me if that's correct, I haven't done relative paths in a while
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    for example, in case your laucnhpad is in the same folder as the tools.
    Else you could do something with

    if your launchpad is one level higher.
    take a look at directoryinfo for more info about what it can
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    Bertware Okay, I'm updating the code as fast as I can...
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    .-. I really really like this. It's a lot easier to work than the other Auto Installer I was using. One thing that's frustrating though (I'm using the GUI at the moment) is that it doesn't have Essentials installed already, and because it's a zip file on GUI when you search for it. It says it doesn't support zip files yet D: Is it going to sometime soon? Oh and when I download the .jar file of essentials and then put it in plugins myself.. when I run the GUI it says that it doesn't have the information or blah blah whatever, and just doesn't allow me to use the plug-in.
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    You do not drag the essentials zip file into your plugins folder. The thing you do is, you have to unzip the zip archive then drag and drop the 3 or 4 .jar files that are in there. But if it bothers you that much, then I'll talk to the Essentials team about having that plugin in here with Launchpad.

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    OMG THIS IS EPIC i am trying to make a server for the first time and this is SOOOOOOO easy no bugs lol so epic dude good job luvyah lol
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    Everytime someone joins the server it automatically says that the qui has stopped working... how to do i fix this?
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    Hmm, perhaps the computer you are running this on isn't good enough to run a CraftBukkit server. Either that, or try running the server normally instead of using a GUI. When Launchpad 1.2.0 comes out we'll have PTweaks and Essentials. Also, I'll post some minimum system requirements on 1.2 release date.
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    It doesn't really bother me to do it manually like that, but sometimes I can get rather lazy ._. So would I let's say download Essentials from the normal place. Get it unzipped by WinRar or whatever AND THEN drag and drop the I believe 4 .jar files into the plug-ins folder? :3 Thank you so much for making this x.x It's so much more easier than dealing with just bukkit by itself. When do you think 1.2 will be released?
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    Deleted user

    What is Pail? I've seen many server owners use it, but I have no clue what it is :3.
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    1.2 is already out, I actually meant 1.3 :3 and It'll be coming out as soon as essentials accepts my request.

    Pail is a plugin that adds a GUI to bukkit. and is also cross-platform.

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    1.2 is finally here!
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    Thanks for your feedback!
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    Goodbye Everyone! Like I said in the message, the new program will be out soon.
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