Bukkit for 1.8?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by rhinorulz, Sep 9, 2011.

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    Since there was the Big Leak yesterday, I was wondering When there will be a new build of Bukkit.
    Link to download official Mojang prerelease versions

    So what are you waiting for?
    Notch already gave permission for the community to use them, don't believe me, check his twitter http://twitter.com/#!/notch

    I know someone will say something about the legalness of me posting the links, so I want to point out that the DLs are hosted on MINECRAFT.net, and thus It is legal for me to post them here.

    I really wont this working when 1.8 fully releases, because I want armor back and hunger gone
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    Bukkit should come out within a few days to a week after the official release of minecraft - bear in mind this is only a pre-release and as a result it is EXTREMELY buggy. I seriously doubt Bukkit will try to update a build when furnaces don't even work properly
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    yes I know it is only a pre release, but they could get started now, and give us a general idea of when they will have it out.
    From the way I see things, If they got started now, than when the Official release comes out, they would have less work to do.
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    Don Redhorse

    well if you would READ and try to think you would know that the bukkit team did already send some bug fixes to Jeb last week for 1.8.. and also that 1.8 pre-release is buggy and that there will be an update on monday or a little bit later..

    when will you people finally learn to NOT update and WAIT till the dev team is ready and the plugin developers HAD time to update their plugins in their TIMESCALE and not in your.. which is normally..... NOW or better yesterday.

    I really wonder why @EvilSeph didn't put up a post again about NOT updating and that the team is working on it..
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    If they get started now, it would only be a headache for them. Just wait a little while, these guys are human too. I'm sure they have other things in life theyd like to do
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    Thanks for taking the time to read and using the search bar!
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    b00m he@d $h0t

    ok 1.8 is fully out
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    no, its testing and compiling errors. almost out
  9. AMA f5 ABuser.
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    i believe he is right that 1.8 is fully out (to some extent) because whereas if u downloaded in the prerelease in the top left it would say 1.8 pre release. however now, it simply has minecraft 1.8" i can wait for bukkit to release a 1.8 server! :D it certainly well make hosting servers even more easy :)
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    Yup 1.8 is out. Should take... Few days maybe... Check out buckets twitter or go on the irc channel
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    I cant wait! and if they started at the pre release they would have to re do it (to some extent) when the official came out. They wouldnt be done in time because its like 3 days , and then they would of just wasted there time and they would have to re do most of the java in there jar files. Hope this helped and i cant wait untill it comes out. you guys should check out my server. (running on 1.7.3) My website is www.suslady21.weebly.com and it has my white list application form on it. Just fill it out and then ill white list you!
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    Psst: http://ci.bukkit.org/job/dev-CraftBukkit/

    Also, lol'ed at the fact that this post turned from a surprised query to an advertisement.
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    So by this moment is there a stable Bukkit release for Minecraft 1.8?
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    b00m he@d $h0t

    NOOOOOOO they just came out with 1.8.1 now they will have to start all over
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    No, they are still working on a RB.
    1.8.1 just fixes a few bugs
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    They actually updated they're builds to cover the 1.8.1 and are continuing forward on bugs in the system.
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    Well comeone :p I want Bukkit on my server :D
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    Still have not fixed entity chunk problems. Trying to see whether that's generated by a plugin or not.
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    Is there an ETA on the bukkit update? my comrade can't get his server up because of it and it's keeping all of his patrons kinda depressed. :p
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    That's still an issue? I didn't know, I haven't actually been following the Google Doc's in a while. Just been watching the ci.bukkit build list for the last while and just made sure that they knew that the builds did in fact cover 1.8.1 but keeping in mind that its still fulla bugs.
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    b00m he@d $h0t

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