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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Madster456, Dec 15, 2011.

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  1. So my team and i were working on my new server, we had spawn build, witch took like 5 days, then we got other small towns built. We were working on the server when it suddenly went down, it said
    "Broken Pipe" at first i thought it was the plugins, but it wasnt. So its got to be something with Bukkit. Now i dont want to remove bukkit and reinstall it unless i know 100% that my server builds will be ok when i reinstall. Also, when i start the server with my console, everything seems fine, it just shows on minecraft that its down. Can anyone help?
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    Well, be sure to make a folder on your desktop, find your world files, and back them up into that folder before you do anything else. That would be your backup plan to keep the builds safe. But, beyond that I am no help, sorry.
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    Always keep a backup of your worlds. You will eventually need them.

    You can replace CraftBukkit RB's at whim without worrying about losing your worlds. Stick to using RB's as they will be the most stable for you.
  4. Thanks, i have everything backed up onto my Udrive, so thats all good. Also, i think its something to do with the Permissions.YAML, because when i start the server there is a warning for that, says its invalid or something. Another thing, i tried to update today to the new craftbukkit, and now it says it cant find the old craftbukkit.jar one. And i cant find the full download, only the .jar, i wanna try redownloading the whole craftBukkit to see if that will work.
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    The .jar is the full, complete download.
  6. i know that, but then how do i update to the new version, and what about the problem with the permissions.YAML?
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    You replace the old .jar with the new one downloaded from ci.bukkit.org and make sure your startup script is calling the right file name.

    If you are using a permissions plugin, the permissions.yml file will be empty, as the plugin takes over for that.
  8. one, i did replace it with the new one, and it would not load my server, Two, i already have permissions set on my server, Im using essentials groupmanager and nChat.
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    You must have missed a step - perhaps changing the name of the file that is called by your batch file?
    Hence why the permissions.yml file is empty.
  10. I got it working, just backed all the old stuff up, then re-downloaded everything. Then added plugins/world back in
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