Bukkit, DMCA and all (Server creation question)

Discussion in 'General Help' started by Superbee29, Dec 7, 2014.

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    First of all, I am not really sure if this should be in this forum or in any other, so please move it if you find it necessary (and let me know).

    So, lately I with a few friends made a decision to revive our Minecraft server. Then I discovered all this with DMCA and stuff. To make it clear, I am not asking for insight into the DMCA problem, I've already read some of that on forums and I have my image of how things are.

    In this thread, I ask for advice on what to do. Either I can wait for this to be resolved and stick to Bukkit. Other choice might be Spigot, that is in case DMCA gets resolved but Bukkit will be dead. Then there are completely different pieces of software (currently considering Sponge, CanaryMod, maybe Glowstone, add other ideas if you have any, and yes, I know about "Over 50 Bukkit Alternatives" page), from which some are completely different, some are simillar, some are ready and some are in development.

    Here, I am asking for your opinions. Has anyone started a server recently and had to solve the same problem as me? Is there anyone who is using other software? Also, does anyone know how long DMCA will take to be resolved and what might the state of Bukkit be then (should I wait for Bukkit, maybe Spigot, or look for others right off)? Please post your opinions here, and please, don't turn this into a argumentation of Wolfereness (spelled correctly, right?) being right or not, I am just asking for some advice concerning server creation.

    Also, I forgot to mention, that I would like a server that supports Bukkit plugins. It's not necessary, but I have particular plugin (Bending from Avatar: TLA, now developed by ProjectKorra community, in case you knew something I should know about this being compatible with other servers) that I would like to see on my server. However, it's not neccesary.

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