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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by enjikaka, Jan 15, 2012.


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    Bukkit Dev is very ugly designed so I took some time and designed a kind of a redesign idea of BukkitDev.


    Check it out live at nj.gd/I5k4Lw

    If you see super big images, do CTRL + F5 to reload [diamond]
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    images, y u so big?
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    Press CTRL+F5 Magic Happens :3
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    Nothing happened.
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    If you press CTRL + F5 the big images will get small if the "minecraft-faces" are superbig :p
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    It's a bit ugly now..
    Are you.. doing stuff to it? :)
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    This looks good but I think they have more important things to change in bukkitdev...
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    I happen to like the Flexile based theme...
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    It's a functional site so it doesn't have to have an amazing design.

    Quite often all of those expanding boxes get in the way of usability though so I would like to see those gone.
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    That way its more easily accessable for people with sight problems? :oops:
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    This is BukkitDev feedback, moved
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    Daniel Heppner

    I like it, nice job as always, enji.
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    thr s some difference but good work........
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    It's an interesting (and nice) redesign, however our design is kinda stuck to what it is.
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    So do I. :|
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    It's nice, but doesn't quite fit for Bukkit and it's project, it looks more like something for a interior design company.
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    Unfortunately nobody else does. The Flexile based theme would be nice to match the rest of the community, but BukkitDev is different. The core idea and features behind it are great - but it's simply how they are laid out and presented to the community that makes it horrible.

    I think many more people would like BukkitDev if it had a better design, if the great ideas behind it could be presented to them in a better way.

    And why is that?
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    While I do believe in what some above me have said, I really think that all that should kinda be up to the developers.

    My point is, what happened to custom HTML? Why can't developers make their own project pages? Choose from some template css and php scripts for the forum section of the site, and add them in where they are wanted. The whole page is still linked to bukkitdev, links still show on the page, but the author of the plugin can customize the lower (non-header) section of the page to suit their needs for the plugin page design.

    Basically what I am saying, is more flexibility when designing a project page = win
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    Are you speaking for everyone or just yourself? :|
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    this is a step up from the current BukkitDev design, I like how it's minimalistic and how almost every element on the page has a purpose.
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    For the majority of the community.
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    I don't go looking for comments on it but from my time actually reading random threads I haven't seen an overwhelming dislike for the look of it. The use of it yes, the look not so much. :p

    Plus I wouldn't go around saying that you speak for the majority of the community. If there really was that much dislike for it, it would be something that was always said. In fact this is the first thread I've seen that even discusses its look.
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    I think most people overlooked it. Again, I think most people like the core features/ideas behind it, it's just that they are presented to them in a bad way, so they simply don't like the site.

    I think most people could agree they like the ideas behind the core of it:
    • All plugins in one, easy to access place with a good search feature.
    • Dedicated pages full of information on that specific plugin, changelogs when downloading one.
    • Ability to get notified when a plugin has been updated.
    • All files uploaded in one place instead of places like mediafire or rapidshare.
    • All of this completely organized to provide a nice user experience.
    I'm sure there's more, but if you think about all of these by themselves, without even considering how they currently look or are presented - it's a good idea, right?
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    I will not deny that BukkitDev in my opinion (as a Server Administrator and Plugin Dev in learning) is lacking in some areas. Though I personally feel keeping it more integrated on looks with the forum theme (Flexile) is a better option.

    Unless Bukkit decides to make their own XenForo theme, which would be cool.
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    I see people complaining much, both in dev-chats and in comments here and there.
  27. i liek
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    Looks fabulous!
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    Thanks to both of you! [diamond]

    I guess I could make something more... Bukkitish [pig]
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    I like the design - it's really clean and well structured.
    However it doesn't really fit bukkit right now, as steaks5uce said.

    And I don't care if bukkitdev in fact is or isn't ugly. Redesigns are a fantastic way to practice and express creativity. Therefore, kudos.
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