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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by smiba, Mar 27, 2012.

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    This version is too old! Please go to: Here

    Hi! My First post here.. i created a bukkit installer! Its easy to use!




    Virustotal Scan ( Click!


    Sorry I'm still learning english!


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    i downloaded it and it downloaded dev bukkit but bat file created dont work seams it miss Echo and other shit

    anyway u should contact with this guy

    he made that bukkit gui which allow to manage server if u 2 connect ur projects you could make application that not only manage server but also allow to download latest bukkit version or dev builds or whatever

    and so with it bat files r not needed so think about it
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    Do you have java7? i've tested it and it works fine on java 6..

    Can you send a screenshot?

    EDIT: And i think that we can't connect our projects because i use VB.net and he use Python or something
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    I know an easier way:
    download the jar file
    make a run.bat or run.sh file with "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar" and you're done!

    It's nice that you made this, but in my opinion, if people cannot even start a server, how can they install plugins or configure them? People like this shouldn't use bukkit because the power of bukkit ARE plugins, and they can use the mojang server better,
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    its exact the same line bat file created with that program for me and it didnt work

    and as for ur opinion u made tutorials for idiots who got problems with thinking and this guy made same thing but for starting bukkit

    and i believe that like 70% of ppl that come for help here r too stupid to understand simple things but you or me or neither any 1 should judge who should and should not use bukkit

    personally this Bukkit Configurator And Installer would be useful for me since i often make test servers and program that allow me to edit so many options even before i run the server would be really in handy

    cause normal way u need to run server than stop it and than u need to edit it here u can edit ur server properties even before u start it and after configuration ur just ready to use it even more look how many ppls run around this days who cant find the newest download link for bukkit or recommended build

    this program can save allot of trouble for everyone its better to give someone a program which is self explanatory than teach him editing/creating bat files

    think about this

    as for smiba
    yea i got java7 but who cares

    look i think ur idea is good so i would like to make icon and logo for you

    look here i just made a glass crest to my icons


    the idea is i can change it shape color or glass effecto to any of ur needs but u would need to tell me what you want inside

    and if u think i only can make glass crests than well


    and any other shit like that

    so if ur interested think about new logo and icon for ur program
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    I got Java 7, and it works perfectly, I don't really need this but i just tested it so I could say
    'GOOD JOB!' Really simple!
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    Please add "Windows only" to your topic title.
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    Why are you so rude in all topics I see you? I just gave my opinion and we can all do that right?
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    cause i worship devil

    no really from all ppl i argue here with u r 1 of this ppl i would never want to be rude to seams u just misunderstand me

    u assume smiba made this program for same reasons u made ur tutorials
    now for you starting bukkit is allot more easier than doing for example permissions so you think that if someone is so stupid he cant run bukkit he should not use it at all

    but u see i know how to start server in many ways but i still would need that program cause it would save me allot of time not only cause i can post it to someone who start thread like "i cant start bukkit server" or so but also cause i got 1 server running on my pc and when i want to start another i need to run it wait for server properties create and than shut it down edit server properites and than i can start test with this program i can do everything in 1 shot

    i think u just didnt see the bigger picture here cause this stuff got potential i hope 1 day we all will start minecraft from .exe applications and even manage it using it like the bukkit gui here


    but for now we need to fight with bat codes for different javas and 32 or 64 OS and shit like that and u should know that every step in making anything here more simple is step in good direction

    cause thats the reason u made ur tutorials
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    ok agreed, it was never my point that this is bad, but I just think it's overkill =)
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    But if they don't even know how to install plugins they can not run a server...

    Running a (public) server is hard.. i created this becouse it would be easier to configure a sever ;)

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    Hey Smiba, I downloaded this and downloaded bukkit from the little link thingy but when I click the generate button it asks to enable whitelist or not. I pressed no and then I press ok and it just closes and nothing happens. What should I do?
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    ok.. What version of windows do you have? did you restarted your computer?

    when it asks to enable whitelist you can press No and then your done! but can't remember a ok button after that.... can you send me some screenshots?

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    mbaxter ʇıʞʞnq ɐ sɐɥ ı

    adfly links removed.
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    :) THIS IS COMPLETE AWESOMENESS! I am just now setting up minecraft server for my son and his pals and this made short work of this task THANKS Smiba for putting this up...
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    I completely rewrote it. Also i posted a link to minecraftforum.net for my topic
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