Bukkit - an autobiography

Discussion in 'Staff Goodbyes' started by feildmaster, Sep 6, 2014.

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    He doesn't need to do anything with them. They are his lines of code. However, they were contributed to an Open Source project, so since he has filed a DMCA complaint, will not be getting their rights given back to him...
    For the record, I am not on his side in all of this. What he did was immature. I am simply pointing out things :p

    //I also don't want to continue derailing this thread, so I think we should carry this on in a PM if you're interested in further continuing the conversation.
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    Wow. :(
    A huge thanks to all Bukkit staff, contributors, and community.
    Bukkit staff, current, past, and future?... you're all awesome!
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    Thanks for everything, guys. Truly amazing accomplishment.
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    This really sucks, I remember when I created my first Minecraft server about 5 years ago, just after Bukkit came I to existence. Thanks for all your work feildmaster, same goes for the rest of the team! Also all my server members say thanks :) Bukkit is gone, and I'm not going to use any other API. Good ol' times, Bye.
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    I've been playing Minecraft for like 3 years or something like that now. I can't believe that the people I guess I have grown up around on the Bukkit forums, the people who made Bukkit for us to enjoy Minecraft with. Because lets be real, nobody would really play Minecraft without Bukkit, just because it just isn't interesting enough. But so long, thank you so much for making this wonderful contribution to make Minecraft what it really is today. Because Minecraft with out you guys, would be nothing.
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    Managing 25 plugins sounds like hell on earth! Thanks for all the help with the Bukkit project.
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    Was a pleasure to have you in the team, Sir! :'(
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    I read the whole post and didn't realize how stressful working on Bukkit was! I'm eternally thankful to all who worked on Bukkit, the staff members and the others (I don't know the actual names of the divisions or whatnot), Bukkit has changed my life forever! May your life be filled with joy in your future endeavours! Thank you all and God bless! :D
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    This makes me very sad, though I know bukkit will continue on through mojang.

    Thanks for all of your work, all of you, and farewell.
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  10. gj whit the hard work can't believe u moved away from ur parents had a irl job and than u did this magical bukkit project for free?! but whiteout u it wouldn't be amazing but u said u had fun even do u where "bleeding" xD have a cake [cake]
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    I had a hard time reading that, but thanks for the cake
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    I have been here for so long. But only to get plugins or new Bukkit updates. 3 years, this is so crazy. I pretty much never commented anything, I was basically only a consumer to this day. But that doesn't change how much fun I've had because of this project. I have been running a Minecraft server for 3 years now, and I still remember how I got it, and had alot of fun setting up plugins, exchanging fixes for problems with friends, spending countless nights playing around with them. I met people who have become good friends because of it, and it was generally a huge part of what I've done with Minecraft these past years.
    I feel ungrateful for not having said "thanks" a single time, even though I had so many good times with it.

    Thank you so much feildmaster, for every single update contributed in. Thank you so much EvilSeph, for having brought these people together and being close to the community. Thank you so much mbaxter, evilmidget38, Wolvereness, c0mp, Iroh, TnT, Jade, Gravity, JaguarJo, lukegb, Sagacious_Zed, EdGruberman, Rigby90, turt2live, t00thpick1, Celtic Minstrel, Mike Primm, Amaranth, drtshock, slipcor, NodinChan, chaseos, Lolmewn, krinsdeath, CeramicTitan, Bionicrm, and everyone else who might have been involved in this project. You have brought so much joy to players in this game by expanding the experience by an undescribable size, and I hope you all know that.
    Thank you whoami2 for the AuthMe-plugin, which provided safety to my server when 70% of my friends couldn't get Minecraft legally because they didn't have PayPal or had a credit card.
    Thank you Zero9195 for the ControllerBlock-plugin, with this me and my friends could build some interesting contraptions like streetlights which appeared using redstone back in the day.
    Thank you essentialsteam, ChrisGWard, ementalo, GunfighterJ, Iaccidentally, khobbits, md_5, schneeleo, evonuts, Zenexer, ElgarL and khyperia for Essentials, it makes the life of me along with thousands of other admins alot easier and has so many useful features in it.
    Thank you GeMoschen, your FalseBook-plugin had many interesting and useful sign functions in them, which were a brilliant extension for many contraptions.
    Thank you Hidendra, LWC prevented so many people from getting their things stolen.
    Thank you MultiverseTeam, fernferret, TWSSYesterday, dumptruckman, Rigby90, lithium3141 and main__ for Multiverse, it's such a nice thing to have multiple worlds for separate things.
    Thank you zml2008, Stormbow, t3hk0d3 and bacon_avenger for PermissionsEx, which became to be an essential thing for server owners to have to order the rank of their staff.
    Thank you Irock23 for SetRankPEX, since it was easier to me using these commands for rank promotions than the stock ones.
    Thank you Sleaker, cerea1, mung3r, LordKainzo, fatmarleys, zathrus_writer, AgnateHeartstone, C031H0
    and craftycreeper for Vault, which enabled so many other nice plugins to work.
    Thank you sk89q, TomyLobo, wizjany and again zml2008 for WorldEdit and WorldGuard, it made editing landscapes so much easier and protected so many people from being griefed.
    Thank you Brettflan for WorldBorder, not only did it prevent maps from getting unbearably big, but helped also with map pre-generation.
    Thank you Cayorion, again Brettflan, MonMarty and NinjaBaver for Factions, which brought alot of fun and realism by adding in actual little communities in the game.
    It may be weird that I randomly indirectly list off the plugins I used or used in the past, but I feel obligued to at least thank you to all the people who made me have good memories. I also noticed that you, feildmaster, also made that fun little plugin PistonSmelter, which was actually a cooler alternative to furnaces. This post might took quite a while for me to make, but it's the least I could do for you amazing people. Thank you so much again. See you space cowboy...
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  13. my god i did like the same i came here the 1st time back in 1.2.5 and here i ame at 1.7.10 (or 1.8 idk)
    and i was just about to upload my 1st plugin than this DMCA came in :/
    il wate and make the plugin more magical :eek: 1.8 stuff if it ever comes out dho
    only latly i was active on the forms thats why i askt to change my name but never came out ow plz change my name to sonicwolfsdutch <3 Retired Staff
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    ConFused: Wow. You are very welcome, thank you for posting.

    wolfs25: You'll have to contact an admin for that
  15. Wow, thanks for sharing it with us, it made me understand why Wolvereness is killing Bukkit.

    Tbh. there is no way out - Mojang needs to let it die, and perhaps either release a decent official API or create a new non-GPL Bukkit, which allows for easier maintenance and upgrading.

    Even then, it seems to have out-grown a "community driven project". This is the first post that really made me realise the "history" and the reasons for the mass-flight from Bukkit.
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  16. Although this news saddens me, I must say thank you and everyone else for all your hard work over the years. Your continued dedication to this project is admirable. Your future holds many great things and you should not think any differently. What you have done for this project has enabled tons of other people to make their own modded servers and build their own communities.

    So again I thank you and best wishes for whatever you are pursuing now.
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    Thank you everyone that has worked on the project for your hard work and dedication. Hopefully at some point in the near future mojang will directly help out with bukkit and maybe post it on minecraft.net (probably wishful thinking I know, but stil)

    It is still sad that they have indeed killed the project but understandable. I just hate the idea of this site being taken down and the internet and minecraft community to "forget" about bukkit and what it did for minecraft. Maybe some people will start something up similar or continue the project, I don't know.

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    Live long and prosper
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    I thank all of you Bukkit contributors , and nice write up.

    Bukkit kept minecraft going.
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    You're awesome for taking the time out of your day to sustain a full time project. I recently moved out too... This world is tough when it comes to funds andsupporting something of this magnitude for free has helped so many.

    I thank you so much...and sorry to see you guys go.
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    Don't cry because it's over smile because it happened
    -Dr Seuss

    Agree he spend 3 years on it them just had others claim it for there own

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    Well I can certainly understand what happened. It was too daunting a task for the current staff and everyone was worn out. At the same time don't complain that you weren't getting paid. I develop games and make animations and draw comic strips in my spare time, for free, because its fun. If you and the other devs just couldn't handle it anymore (which certainly seems to be the case and is very understandable) then just say that, but don't get mad cause you were working on it free of charge. It's a community driven volunteer based project. Lots of people develop software for free, just because. Not everyone needs or wants to get paid for everything they do. So don't generalize everyone else because of what you went through.

    Also if bukkit truly is dead it will be unfortunate and I'll have to make some changes to my server, but I think people are giving it way too much credit. It's not that important. We'll be fine without it.

    Minecraft is not at all a huge part of the world,
    Bukkit is important to people who want to run or play on modded servers, but its not that important to minecraft.
    Nothing has died, there will be a replacement soon enough.

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    I didn't complain about not getting paid. I was complaining about the entitled community members. :)

    in fact, if you read your quote (my entire post may be too hard for you, who didn't read it...):
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    Guys , you are just unbelieveble , I thought you had a profit from something , (anything !), from sponsors or from Mojang or anything , I didn't think how , I just thought that you would take a profit from somewhere while you were contributing to this awesome project !

    Guys have a good luck and a good life !

    You are just awesome and ... thank you very very much for Bukkit API and CraftBukkit ! You are awesome !
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    Thanks for everything you've done -- truly saddened to read this, but I understand fully. "A labor of love," this Bukkit project, and entirely too demanding for all those who pour their hearts and souls into it. Best regards.
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    Aw man, I'm sad to read all you guys are leaving. Farewell.
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    Acharige, Read this paragraph:

    I remember Mojang previously saying they had enough money that they didn't need to do an IPO.

    Maybe Mojang, with its vast funds, should offer to higher these people back as actual paid employees. Of course maybe some or many of them would refuse, either because they feel they were burned by Mojang (not just burnt out) or because they simply have other priorities and obligations in their life.

    But still, it might be a good face saving gesture, not to mention a practical one, for Mojang to offer to higher the previously volunteer staff.

    (Apparently Mojang had made some Bukkit people into employees of Mojang (or Curse?), but only the bare minimum... and they didn't go out of their way to make it public... or something... still confusing, and probably the the thorniest detail that is sticking in everyone's craw.)

    Furry cows moo and decompress.
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    Thank you (and I mean it a lot) for your large contribution to Bukkit - If it were not for Bukkit, not only would Mincraft lack a lot of players, but many people would not have been introduced to Coding, Java and modding.
    Again thankyou.
    - Minty
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