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Discussion in 'General Help' started by DerpyGamer_, Nov 25, 2014.

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    when i go to download bukkit 4 1.8 it comes up with a username and password to put in what is it? and why is it there?
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    There is no 1.8 bukkit download o.o
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    DerpyGamer_ Pretty curios where you got that link then. As there are no 1.8 bukkit builds as Lolmewn already said.
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    You can't legally download any version of CraftBukkit, nor was there ever a CraftBukkit 1.8. (Except for the beta version of Minecraft)
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    Well fore me there is bukkit for 1.8? and also will there ever be one? and what happened to MCPC because BajanCanadian can make 1.7.10 lucky blocks with bukkit but for me when I search up MCPC I press on it and theres no website just an error?
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    The only "1.8 bukkit" is the one @ spigot. That and there isn't a direct download, so you can't actually download it yourself but have to compile it manually.
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    It's the hackers backdoor to access your computer, homebanking, creditcards and so on. Don't do it, unless you already have lost all your money to other hackers, and all your creditcards are blocked. They will even empty your Steam account.
  8. DerpyGamer_ There is no bukkit 1.8. You've managed to find something else.
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    Care to private message me where that file came from?
  10. Moved thread due to the fact that Bukkit was updated by the Spigot team therefor is not considered an official release.

    EDIT: lecraeman Keep all conversation on topic and on the forums.
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    That was on topic...I asked where he got the file that HE was talking about...

    If he mentions a file only HE has and asks for help what else can I do? Is this a joke?
  12. lecraeman He is talking about MCPC not Bukkit, Bukkit doesn't support mods. Therefor offtopic.
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    We do support Alternatives of Bukkit in this Section.
    And there are some Alternatives available which support mods, so indirectly we do support them.
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    What on earth are you talking about?
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    1.8 is out. You need the Spigot script to get Bukkit, Craftbukkit, AND Spigot ALL IN ONE GO and it will download and compile itself (if you're using Linux at least) so it is out. Spigot has a server, Bukkit has a server, Rainbow has a server. For Spigot to release a less-than server and call it Bukkit doesn't make sense for Spigot since they have a more robust version of it that is more optimized. Ergo, they gain NOTHING from releasing Bukkit, except a crap ton of people acting like Bukkit 1.8 doesn't exist.

    Could someone please explain the reason why deniability about 1.8 Bukkit and Craftbukkit (the jars I have on my computer RIGHT NOW for hosting a 1.8 server) is so rampant. So if there is no Bukkit 1.8, then why did Spigot release it, knowing it wasn't coming from Bukkit.org, but instead realizing all the devs at Bukkit.org LEFT so where do you think Bukkit development would end up?
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    @roracle There is Bukkit 1.8; however, it is not an official build. Why is it not official? Because if it was we would have a bunch of people coming in here complaining about how it doesn't work when it is Spigot's problem.
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    All the devs left, so why would anyone come here to get support?
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    @roracle, not all the devs left, but we're kind of stuck in Minecraft purgatory until the whole Mojang-Wolverness thing clears up. (Spoiler alert: it probably never will)
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    Well if the issues addressed with the old releases can be cleared up then the whole Mojang-Wolverness thing can go away, as it's related to the GPL license. If they can re-license it somehow, make it distributable (they may even need to write their own license) then the whole thing can be turned over. People can get back to reality, and Wolverness can keep complaining about 1.7.x and below forever and an updated license will keep that drama away from 1.8+

    Good idea or no?
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    @roracle Even if that would happen, the devs would still be gone and *probably* not work on a project owned by Mojang.
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