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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by MatthewDMerrill, Sep 3, 2014.

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    So uhhh, as we now know is that bukkit is down because of a DMCA legal issue, but besides that, where can I get Bukkit 1.8. Don't give me that link to the official download because it doesn't work right now.
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    There is no Bukkit for 1.8 yet. Any server that has plugins and accepts 1.8 clients are 1.7 servers running a Protocol Hack. Those servers can be extremely buggy and has a high chance of crashes for both the client and the server.
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    I think all of us, whether we run or play on Bukkit servers, are looking forward to a 1.8 release. Alas, such an animal didn't exist before today, and probably won't exist any time in the immediate future.

    The DMCA take-down, regardless of how frivolous it may be, is just another delay in the course of us getting our hands on a development build.

    Either way, I'm definitely looking forward to a build to mess around with. I'm sure Dinnerbone has been hard at work with it.
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    Let us take a moment and weep for the passing of our beloved Bukkit/Craftbukkit.
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  5. wow really? There is NO bukkit 1.8 yet, wait for it like everyone else.
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    I dont think we will see a 1.8 ever, not as an official bukkit release.
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    What else can we use to load plugins? If no-one knows how do youo manually load them? Is there a plugins folder where I can drop the (plugin).jar

    What else can we use to load plugins? If no-one knows how do youo manually load them? Is there a plugins folder where I can drop the (plugin).jar

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    Anyone looking to get a working 1.8 server with plugins should check out Rainbow Project It is a fairly new project but already has 42 updates and numerous plugins and new one added daily, they have a rainbow-bukkit bridge for some bucket plugins. This seems like our only working alternative at this time, that i know of.
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    Blkscorpion2 Will it do bad stuff? is it a virus or malware?
  11. Magicabeans If someone was promoting a virus, they'd not be likely to tell you that it is. ;)

    As far as I'm aware, it's not a virus, but since I've never used it I can't state that as fact.
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    It's not a virus, Much like bukkit and spigot, this is another variation but running an actual 1.8 server. Go to their website and check it out for yourself. I've been running it for over month now. Like I said they are always coming out with quick updates and stuff.

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  14. @LegendaryMack Mojang did not take down Bukkit... CraftBukkit was DMCA'd by Wes Wolfe.
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    And also Spigot released 1.8 stuff. Including "Bukkit".

    @nverdier or HERE

    Yea exactly :D

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    You can get an idea of the current state here:
    This is the bug reporting and tracking site.
    You can browse and see the kinds of issues that are being encountered and addressed.

    IMHO, The server is pretty solid now. Many plugins work and more are being updated every day. The only major issue I see is click and hover events not working in books and the fact people want to download a jar and not build it themselves.

    On the other bit... Mojang did not close down bukkit. Wolverness DMCA'd it. As the others said.
    Hopefully trident, sponge or even the actual mojang/microsoft 1.9 minecraft api + server will be ready enough if spigot is shut down.
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    If you have have to ask this question, chances are the answer is "No"
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    K :D
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    I cant figure that spigot crap out it just crashes everything and i go to download it give me errors that they been repo
  20. @LegendaryMack You should ask the Spigot people about that. Bukkit has nothing to do with Spigot :)
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    I just want the the bukkit 1.7.9 R0.2 version is all I want
  22. @LegendaryMack Unfortunately, that's illegal to distribute, and we cannot help you with that.
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    Unfortunately, you can't download that. However, you can build your own CraftBukkit 1.8 courtesy of the Spigot folks. CraftBukkit 1.8 works quite well. As with any new build, you'd have to test your plugins to make sure they still work (Mojang made a lot of changes in 1.8 which break plugins - Thanks Jeb!).
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    That's The Only Version That will Work with the plugins and not Fail And 1.8 can shove it ever since they Added stupid crap on minecraft its like RuneScape 2.0 is all it really is you can't say it's not because they got the potion Idea From RuneScape
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    Oh yeah, cuz Runescape is the only other game in the world with potions.
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