Bukkit 1.7 turn around time

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by GodsDead, Oct 22, 2013.

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    So the 1.7 preview drops this Friday, Its come to that dreaded time again as a server owner for weeks/months of inactivity waiting for bukkit to develop a working server.
    How far along is the Bukkit development team with a 1.7 release? I would have thought being part of mojang a release would come out when 1.7 drops, that was back in 2012.
    What turn around time are we expecting for a release?
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    Khan Jal

    If I remember correctly bukkit doesn't start working on a 1.7 until an official one is released. Mojang will still change stuff so instead of trying to hit a moving target they just wait until official is released.

    They usually get a development version out pretty quick (within a few weeks) and from there they just continue to improve to a beta then a stable.
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    The only thing that it meant that some of the Bukkit developers have joined Mojang.
    Bukkit gets no extra benefits and starts off at the same point as everyone else. Which means, they have to get the 1.7 release, deobfuscate the source code, recode several parts of the API, test and retest till its proven the build actually runs, and release a dev version.

    It is not an easy task, and will take a few days to a few weeks. Largely depends on the size of the minecraft update, and 1.7 is a huge one.
  4. Does bukkit also has to recode the network system?
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    Unfortunately that is what will take the longest. My guess is that it could take up to 2 weeks for Bukkit to update because 1.7 is one of the biggest updates since 1.4.
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    Maybe I'll just stick with 1.6.4 forever.
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    I got a solid response from a member of the Bukkit team on reddit, he/she said its going to take longer than usual due t the scale of this update, which is a massive shame there is no way to start development earlier on :(
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    GodsDead That kinda sucks. I just hope nothing goes wrong with the Bukkit team this time.
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    Lol me too. No 1.7 for me.
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    I guess until 1.7 we can all sit around our campfires and sing songs?
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    Sure! Here you go. Bring some marshmallows!

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