Bukkit 1.4.7 Proccessor 6 core.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by GARGAMUZA, Feb 5, 2013.

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    Hi everyone, first of all excuse my poor english, Im from ARGENTINA, and i have a Minecraft Survival Server with 70 slots. The problem is that it runs with lag.

    I read almost everything triying to fix the lag but i could not do it. Certanly I read that bukkit only works in one proccessor. In the next list i will details my pc, network speed and list of plugins.

    1) Server Hardware.
    FX 6100 SixCore 3.3gh AMD FX
    Java7 64bits
    Server 2008r2 64bits.
    16gb ram. But only needs 8gb.
    mc98mt-s2 Gygabite.
    The conexion is 100 mb. up and down.

    2) My 27 plugins are:
    AntiRelog - Authme - clearlag - CookieMonster - Essentials - EssentialsChat - EssentialsGroupManager - EssentialsSpawn - HideStream - KillCounter - LWC - NoCheatPlus - Orebfuscator - PerformanceMonitor - PingMOTD - ProtectionStones - RLB - ScheduledAnnouncer2.5.2 - ShowCaseStandAlone - SimpleRegionMarket - StaffList - TagAPI - Trade-0.5.4 - Vault - WorldBorder - WorldEdit - WorldGuard

    3) Craftbukkit version:
    Recomended Build 1.4.7-R 1.0

    I try everything, extending memory ram, taking off all plugins and puting one by one, I put in the server properties "View Distance 8", everything but I could not find a solution . The server.log does not show any important problem with plugins.
    The performance monitor plugin with 70 player shows me 4.5 TPS with a new world, and a little "cityspawn.

    The only thing that i could asume is that my cpu server could not run the server in good conditions.
    My MultiCraft panel show me this.

    Could anyone tell me if my cpu is ok for my intentions of server, and if a i need to change it, what proccesor recomend me?.

    I was thinking another solucion, triying to run the server in Linux Ubuntu o somer other distribution of Linux.

    Thats all, one more time "Excuse my poor english" y Thank you.

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    10mb up and down is probably not enough to hold 70 players. I recommend upgrading your internet connection
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    Yep, 10MB probably doesn't cut it. It's probably the internet connectivity, GARGAMUZA
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    FX 6100 SixCore 3.3gh AMD FX - that's your problem. (choosing amd for server is not good)
    You should buy something like xeon e-1225/1245
    And 10mbit/s is enough for 70 players, but this processor - not.
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    10mb up and down isnt enough but i agree with you on the AMD a bit. Intel is better for running servers
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    What does AMD have to do with this? AMD, Intel,... They all make decent processors that can be compared. Get your facts right.

    10 Mb up/down won't even hold 20 players.
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    Excuse me I have 100 megas. Up and Down, y make a little mistake doing this post.

    Anyone can tell me if the java needs a especific amount of cpu core, or something like that?

    Edit: More Information

    I have 4 worlds:
    1 normal world whit survival system, pvp, build, searh of resouces, and a little spawn.
    1 nether world.
    1 the end world
    1 world used as a market.

    Maybe having all this stuff in one processor make its lag. Can anyone tell me if this is possible.
    Or maybe is recomended to put serch of resources in one world, pvp in a 2nd world, and houses in a 3rd world???

    My question is because a seen a lot of server with 200 slots completely fully al day with 0 lag.

    Thanks to Everyone.
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    Why do you have authme?
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    It's the host causing the lag.
    Not plugins.
    Not Bukkit.
    If you want to fix it, switch hosts.
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    Nathan C

    Here is your issue. AMD CPUs sucks at single-threaded work......no better than their Phenom IIs.

    Get a new CPU....... preferably an Intel IVY or Sandy Bridge one.
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    20mb holds 170 players for me so 10 for 70 is ebough
    And the latest amd processor is barely at the level of performance of the latest intel corei3, so basicly amd processors is shit(especially for servers(those amd processor clock speed is like a fake)).
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    It will. We only use 4mb in/out with 25+
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    MultiCrap Control panel is providing false readings. Install LagMeter to verify that MultiCrap is wrong.
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    Try removing AuthMe, most people who have problems with their servers usually has it.
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    Wow, all those AMD haters are in this thread i see. And all of those have long term experience with server hardware couldn't be different cause otherwise they wouldn't know what they are talking about.

    GARGAMUZA anyways i doubt that its something about the hardware. In my opinion those specs do fine for what you want to accomplish. My first guess is that you did not configure the windows server well.

    But as this is a guess please tell me when those lags happen and how long they stay. How many players are in the same chunk or is this just testing with a single player. The more details you provide the better we can help.
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    @lycano My server starts ok, with 20 TPS when the server runs first time, but when people start coneccting al in spawnpoint of normal world, the TPS downs to 15. When the server goes full with 70 and 80 players, the TPS goes down to 4.7, sometimes 2. All this people in differents part of the world. Different chunks.

    Now today I change the Multicraft Panel and Iam using RemoteToolKit. I am going to prove it, cause I want to prove all probably solutions until change my AMD proccesor.

    @LaxWasHere I used authme cause I need a plugin that let me handle registrations and logins in game, could you please recomend me another plugin, that do tha job?

    One more time Thanks to All who read my theme and comment it, sorry mi poor english.
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    GARGAMUZA thanks for your report! First of all how do you check your TPS? Also please do all your testing only with no-plugins else there are too many variables why this can slow down. For testing you could just rename your starting world folder and start with a clean one if you dont want to risk griefing during that testing.

    So please disable your plugins by renaming the plugin folder, rename your default world folder (so its save during test) and check again.

    (I assume its one of those plugins or a combination but lets not make rash assumtions)
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    lycano Thank you for your quick help.

    Im goin to try that method but I think my problem is my proccesor.
    I check my TPS with PerformanceMonitor Plugin.

    This is my recent report.

    Show Spoiler

    I will try quitting all plugins. Thanks.
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    Why do you need people to register and log in? That is what the mojang auth servers are for.
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    startup log

    Case closed.


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    Locked. If you choose to run an offline mode server you can find help elsewhere.
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