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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by _Arckangel_, Dec 20, 2012.

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    I just upgraded my minecraft to 1.4.6 and was wondering if there is a 1.4.6 bukkit server.
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    I see some servers on 1.4.6 craftbukkit. Where are they getting this?
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    i don't think there is but i acidently updated my minecraft but looking for bukkit server aswell n carnt find an oldclient to download
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    There is no CraftBukkit 1.4.6 released yet. I wouldn't trust using anything claiming to be CraftBukkit if it doesn't come from dl.bukkit.org.
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    Why bukkit team wouldn't release really beta 1.4.6 server with only one difference from 1.4.5 - allow 1.4.6 clients connet to server. Without any proof of stability and perfomance usage. I'm ok with it.
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    We prefer to not crash clients and cause other damage to servers. Other people feel that may be cool to do.

    We take responsibility for the builds we put out.
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    I see some servers with 1.4.6 How are they doing this?
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    so when is the new bukkit coming out
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    O Lord TnT, please do not punish me for asking this simple question, but, where would one simple peasant such as myself obtain this tool of the devil that alloweth 1.4.6 clients to connect to 1.4.5 servers?
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    Could you mark it as "for flagellant-only"? Or just make a specific topic for such releases with denial of responsibility to any damage done to servers/players with it? Or something like that.
    Most of the famous minecraft server updating to lateset version of minecraft ASAP. Haven't noticed any problems like client crashing/freezing/lagging on such servers. The only one real problem besides some small bugs is missing new features. But it doesn't mean too much. I envy lucky server owners with their own coding team.
    Btw, is there anyone who doesn't backup everything before updating to newest version?
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    No clue. It won't be on this site since we haven't created one, nor would we do such a thing.

    That won't stop the massive amount of support requests we would get.

    However, since this thread began, there is a dev build available. Use it at your own risk - it is a dev build and thus may empty your Bukkits.

    You have been warned. Locking this thread.
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