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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by artdude543, Aug 12, 2012.

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    CraftBukkit: 1.3.1-R1.0 (Build #02317)
    OS: Windows Server 2008 R2
    RAM: 32GB
    CPU: 8 Cores

    Hi, I am running the latest RB build of CraftBukkit (1.3.1) and since upgrading to 1.3 my members builds are vanishing when they either TP away or disconnect from the server for a bit. This appears to happen when the "Chunk" unloads and no one enters the area for a bit. The server backs up every 3mins and saves at 5 min intervals. But it still happens.

    This happens to OP's and normal members on the server and it is really strange as I have never seen this before, im not sure is a plugin is causing this but below is a list of the plugins installed on the server.

    - AutoAnnouner
    - ChatManager
    - ChessCraft
    - CoreProtect
    - DynMap with Towny, WorldGuard, Essentials, Mobs Extenstions
    - Essentials with Chat, GeoIP, Spawn
    - HawkEye
    - IConomy
    - Jail
    - LWC
    - MagicTorches
    - McBans
    - McJobs
    - MineBackup
    - MinecraftRKitPlugin
    - MobBountyReloaded
    - MulitverseCore 2.4
    - Mulitverse-Portals 2.4
    - Mulitverse-Inventories 2.4
    - NoCheatPlus (1.3)
    - Performance Monitor
    - Permissions Ex
    - PwnFilter
    - Questioner
    - Register
    - ShowCaseStandalone
    - SpaceBukkit
    - Towny
    - TreeAssist
    - Vault
    - Voxel Sniper / Voxel Update
    - WorldEdit (Dev)
    - WorldGuard

    Most of the plugins I have updated to the 1.3.1. Release so im not sure what could be causing this "Vanishing" to happen, I hope this could be solved or a resolution could be found. So someone please help :D
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