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    Plugin category: Admin Tools

    Suggested name: BugReport

    What I want: Just a simple plugin that players can use if they run across a bug while playing. They use the command, along with writing what is wrong, if a user with enough permissions is on, it will automatically notify them, after fixing the problem they can mark it as solved

    Ideas for commands:

    /bugreport <Description> /buglist <displays bugs reported and status (Solved or Unsolved)> /solve <#> (solves the bug number)
    Ideas for permissions:
    bugreport.file (/bugreport)
    bugreport.read (/buglist)
    bugreport.Solve (/solve)
    When I'd like it by: Would like it as soon as possible, but there's no rush.
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    I'll work on this tonight and get back to you tomorrow with either a (hopefully) working version, or a defeated "too complicated for me, sorry!".

    Although based on the request, seems simple enough? Stay tuned!

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