Bug or Cheat: user can unlimited number of blocks

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by imailyou, Feb 8, 2012.

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    I'm running a server (bukkit 1.1 R3) and at least one player gets the following error: when placing a block, sometimes the block is placed, but not removed from the inventory. I.e. the inventory can be filled by placing and destroying the same block over and over again.

    Does anybody know if that is related to any bug, cheat, hacked client... whatever!? They claim it's a bukkit error/bug.

    Plugins are:
    - iConomy
    - LogBlock
    - ChestShop
    - MonsterApocalypse
    - NoCheat
    - NoLagg
    - PermissionsBukkit
    - AuthMe
    - WorldBorder
    - Xrayinformer

    Hope anyone can help me.

    Best, i

    Edit/Add: Since none of the plugins is spamming any errors, I think it's a bukkit/minecraft bug, atm. If it was a cheat there was no point in telling me for the player(s).
    Unfortunately, it's not reproducible for me right now.

    Btw the player says he is using the original client without any mods, just to be clear.

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    I'm starting to tear out the plugins now one by one. Hope to find out which it is....
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    I've never heard of this bug before... Please post if you find out what causes it.
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    This was a block duplication error in Bukkit, I think. My understanding was that they fixed it. We had a couple of peeps load up on diamonds using this. Unfortunately they are no longer with us. ;o)
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    Is there anywhere I can read more about this? Big white search engine doesn't give me anything on "block duplication error bukkit"... - so you mean it was fixed yesterday in the R4 release?

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    I thought is was fixed in one of the R3 commits. Was just trying to find the link to all of that. Will post here if I find it.

    Silly me. Click on "Bugs" at the top of this page. There's more than you ever wanted to know. Couldn't find the specific issue but I remember reading about it.

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    You can also try 1.1R4 now ;)
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    Well, we still got that with R3.

    Since I don't get anything on the console about this, I'm not 100% sure yet - but I think it might have something to do with nolagg - or - with some other error (in bukkit or any other plugin) that is triggered by nolagg. Fact is - when I removed nolagg, the error did not occur for 3 + 1 days now. When I put nolagg in, it happened again after about 3 hours.

    I want to make very clear that I don't know if it's really a nolagg error - could be any other plugin, too - at least as long as I don't know for sure.

    Updating to R4 now, maybe it's gonna be gone then.

    Best, i
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