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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Insanehero, Dec 7, 2012.

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    So recently I've been noticing some really weird behavior with mobs spawning in parts of my world. The mobs spawn like crazy, about 1 every second and they sometimes even spawn during the day (Zombies, skeletons, enderman). Now the even weirder thing is that I have both mobs flagged off with multiverse for that world and worldguard for the world. I've tried a process of elimination between the two plugins to test if they were conflicting and that was not the problem. The problem is happening in a small portion of 10-12 chunks of my large world. However, I've noticed the chunks have actually been spreading, a few days ago it was only 3-4 chunks that had the problem, and now it's even more!

    I've tried changing craftbukkit builds to see if it would solve the problem, and it proved unaffective.

    I've also tried upgrading and downgrading worldguard and multiverse.

    I have no plugins that have to do with changing mob spawning or behavior.

    Current CB: #2488

    Please help before more parts of my world are affected!

    Here's some screenies of the mayhem.




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    Sounds like either:
    • A Plugin.
    • bukkit.yml Setting.
    • Possibly not using Craftbukkit.
  3. plugins
    bukkit.yml file
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    What in bukkit.yml would cause this? What plugins would cause this?

    I'm using craftbukkit btw.
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    Any plugin that modify spawning behavior, such as monster apocalypse.
  6. dude post your plugins and bukkit.yml file if you want help
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    00:29:52 [INFO] Plugins (52): PlugMan, VoxelSniper, GrandExchange, BEParties, Vault, Multiverse-Core, EnderpearlDisable, CapsBlock, PhatLoots, BERace, FancyText, SupplySign, LagMeter, HideLogin, AlphaChest, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, Towny, CreativeGates, NameTags, DonatorSmoke, PermissionsEx, PlayerHeads, Questioner, WorldGuard, iConomy, CraftBookCommon, BEAntiLog, ScheduledAnnouncer2, Herochat, BEPlayers, ButtonWarp, Essentials, MobRider, CraftBookMechanisms, Multiverse-Portals, Sign Bank, Register, Permissions, HawkEye, CraftBookCircuits, Residence, EssentialsSpawn, LWC, CraftBookVehicles, dynmap, MagicSpells, ChestShop, MagicSpellsShop, WorldBorder, MagicSpellsTowny, MagicSpellsMemory

    All the "BE" plugins are custom and have nothing to do with mobs.


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    Well, mobs DO only spawn near players that are in spawning suitable areas. Though I admit, your case seems extreme. I have my total monsters set to 400, but they spawn in the caverns underground too.

    "In multiplayer, mob caps are shared by all players, no matter where they are. If one player can make a lot of mobs spawn near them, say, with a mob farm, players elsewhere in the world will see fewer mobs of the same category. Likewise, if a player can prevent mobs from spawning near them, perhaps by hanging around a large body of water and illuminating nearby caves, they will effectively dump their mobs on everyone else."

    Test turning your total mob count to maybe 10, see what happens?
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    What's your view-distance in your server.properties file? If it's less than 10, then change it to 10 and pester Jeb to fix the god damn bug that has been around since beta 1.6.
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