[Broken][TOOL]Craftsave v0.9.4 - Auto World Backups with save-off/on/all [ALL]

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by malface, Feb 12, 2011.

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    I got a problem with 0.9.4

    Running on Windows Server 2008
    It will backup the first two worlds named , RiftZero,world

    but not the 3rd named, TheAbyss, evertime it gets to the last world it errors with a line error or app in system tray Stops responding to mouse clicks I have to force close it in Taskmanger.

    here is my config

    Window Name=C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe
    Backup Folder
    =F:\Dedicated Server Files\MindCraft Server\bukkit\Craftsave\
    Save Time
    Days To Keep Backups
    Path To World Folder
    =F:\Dedicated Server Files\MindCraft Server\bukkit\
    Saveall Time=25
    ;Window Name is the name of the window your server runs in
    ;Prefix is the beginning of your save file name
    ;Worlds is the list of world folders to backup separated by comma
    ;Backup Folder is where your backups are storedplease use the full path
    ;Change Broadcast to No to disable broadcasting saves to the server.
    Save Time is the amount of time in minutes between automatic savesSet to 0 to permanently disable autosaves.
    Days To Keep Backups is the number of days before a backup gets deleted. (1-30Set to 0 to disable deletion.
    Path To World Folder is the full path of the folder your world folders are inleave blank unless you are having issues.
    Saveall Time is the time in minutes between sending save-all to the server0 turns this feature off (default)

    It appears to freeze but it actually does not its just takes ages to start the last world the first two start backing up within 20 sec of the last one finishing the last one takes over about 1 -2 mins before it responds in systemtray and starts compressing the last world in the config.

    then after it has completed the last one it takes a further couple mins to say completed re enable save-on.

    I think I will test the beta version see how it goes.
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 8:49 AM ---
    oh and Im suprised to find I cannot customize the "say" msg it broadcasts, I would like it to also say that save-off was started

    so it notifys that saveing wont happen during the backup peroid should crash happen ppl wont complain as much if they now that saving did work duruing the last 10 mins.
    --- merged: Feb 21, 2011 9:00 AM ---
    nope the new test version is just as slow doing last world!
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    I have been looking into other options besides zip...I think the options are somewhat limited with AutoIT. But, if you've ever tried to zip your world folder using Window's zipping function, it does take a bit long sometimes due to the world folder containing thousands of files. The good news is that the next Minecraft update should improve this quite a bit I think. Depending on the new world saves, I may even be able to streamline this part of it even more.
    I think you're talking about the save-all being broadcast. The reason I didn't add a broadcast is because Craftsave does not have an efficient way to know when save-all was completed, since save-all is all run inside the server. I do plan to make the broadcasts more customizable, so I may add a general broadcast when the save-all command is sent.
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    Thats what is needed it just needs to append something like _ Saveing is off, Please wait! - dont get attched just yet or something.

    oh why dont you add a way to get it to zip with a zip apps of your choice.

    for example .rar or my fav 7zip.
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    Great program! Works nice, but sometimes after it has done a backup it gives me an error saying mussing or empty zip file? It doesnt seem to do anything but It's there none the less.
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    could you tell me if this should be used in conjunction with the auto save-all console command? What exactly does save-all do and would it be smart to save-all before running craftsave. A quick yes or no would suffice if you dont feel like explaining ;)

    and +1 for 7zip
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    As far as I know, without having really looked at the source, the save-on/save-off saves the chunks that have changed in the world automatically, while save-all forces the entire world to save.
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    Can you add ability to detect console window and if does not exist, postpone backup until window exist?

    I often stop and start server and that seems to crash CraftSave and then i usually forget to put it back on, so i don't have my backups :)

    EDIT: Just updated to 0.9.4 and looks like that save-all is time based. Can you make it backup based?


    (wait for save to complete. Is there a way to detect that?)

    EDIT2: my last backup was 22 bytes (empty zip). WTF?
    EDIT3: connected to the server and it says cannot access output file. Is this due to dropbox?
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    I like this better than the current way it works, which is if it can't find the window it closes the program. You may want to look at the previous posts about run.bat as well.

    Not without basically making Craftsave a server wrapper, or making it use way more resources than it does now.
    I always try to put the safety of the backup file above all else, so I probably won't change this.
    As it works right now, save-all is kind of a quick mini-backup between large zip backups. Although, save-all may not be as necessary as it was before the new save file format for Minecraft.

    Unless it is doing this every time, it may have been an error with Windows' zip function. I have seen this as well, but only once before. It would probably work better if I get a 7zip option into Craftsave.

    Craftsave doesn't modify any file, it only zips a copy of them. This may be an error due to either dropbox, or something from the 1.3 Minecraft update.

    Some ideas I will try to implement this weekend are 7zip (which should improve zip times) and customized broadcast messages.
    Question: Do you guys think that compressing the save file is necessary? Would you rather have it skip compression and just put all the worlds into one file (faster)?
    I believe minecraft already uses a compression on the saves, but this would mean roughly 40-50% larger backups from Craftsave.
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    I'm not 100% sure, but i think autoit can read console. So there is no need for server wrapper:

    1. Type save-off
    2. Type save-all (wait until console prints out save complete)
    3. make backup
    4 Type save-on

    I think error is because dropbox is trying to upload file while is still being created. Can you add ability to create backups in temp folder and copy them to destination folder when finished?
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    AutoIT can read from console, and I had one private version where it did, but there is too much room for error there. Users could try to mimic the save complete message, and on a vanilla console, if you were typing input your text sometimes gets mixed in with the [INFO] messages.

    Even then, it is possible, if I coded it to read from the beginning of the line, and find the save complete message, and if absolutely every time your save-all was done it said the same message, without anyone interrupting it, and I believe they wouldn't be able to have the window hidden. Plus then there would need to be an option for people who also want save-all as a timer. I just think that although it would be a perfectly fine way to backup your world with a plugin, as a standalone script based program this leaves too much room for error. Besides, Craftsave gives you backups that can allow for only 15 minutes of revert on a slow machine. I'm not sure why you'd need more than that.

    I am looking at the zip alternatives today, so I will look at the dropbox issue. I'm not sure I understand though, is dropbox corrupting your backups because you are using dropbox as a backup folder?
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    Nop I get "Compressing..." window with blank progress bar and after that "Cannot Create output file". And CraftSave stops doing anything after that. I suspect that dropbox may start uploading file before it was finished, so windows zip cannot create file properly.

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    Yes, thank you for your help. I didn't fully realize this until I started implementing the 7zip functions. Craftsave won't work with the new save format. See the original post for more info.
    Updated first post and status [Broken]
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    Wait, does that means end of the CraftSave?
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    Unless the save function changes, I can't touch the save files which is the whole point of Craftsave.
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    Ah damn, another backup option gone :(

    Any working one exist?
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    I don't know, every time I run any compression program on the World files while the server is running, it errors on some of the files which are still in use by the server. It saves the rest of them, but throws an error on the ones in use. Craftsave just hides any errors, but try turning saves off on your server then using a zip program like 7zip to zip your world folder. If the file is in use by another process, I'm not going to risk having corrupted backups.
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    What about copying files to tmp folder first?
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    Same deal, it's possible but still prone to corruption. You could use a shadow copy to another directory, then compress it, then delete the shadow copy...but since Minecraft is in beta, and bukkit is not even released, I think it is best to wait and see if this thing works itself out. Using one program, to start another, and then another just to get a backup is not what I intended for this tool. If a later update causes save-off to stop accessing the save files, Craftsave will just work again.
    But here's a link if anyone wants to try adding this to their scripts themselves.
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    I'm kinda of lost on the progress of this, I never had any error mind you once I got it setup backups worked flawlessly.

    I have not got around to updating server 1.3 yet I was away on a small trip. Will be looking into this sometime this afternoon, I skimmed the posts about this not working and I don't quite understand what is going on with this tool.

    It seems to me if files are in use you should just tell the server to save-off then start backup then save -on again.

    I'd try using 7zip or a program called ExtractAll. instead of windows zip as windows is kinda of a baby when it comes doing things it thinks are a bit sketchy.

    I read the post about trying that other World backup tool that is based around 7zip scheduler wonder how well that works, I hope this one will be made working soon tho as Its neat and tidy.
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    Yeah, save-off does not stop the server from accessing the files anymore. That is the issue, and I actually figured it out while I was trying to add 7zip to the options. You're right though, Windows zip is not very good.

    I just don't want to put my name on something unless I'm sure it will function correctly. There are ways to work around it, and even get Craftsave to create a backup. But I'm not trusting those backups for my own server, so I'm not going to try to pretend that my program is currently keeping safe backups of your worlds.

    I am not giving up on Craftsave, I don't want anyone to get the wrong impression. I just don't want anyone to get confused and rely on this to keep accurate backups of their world. My advice is to periodically shut down your server, once or twice a day, and do your own backups until a solution is found.
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    Wise words, I think I will do some looking around then again unless backup maps plugins have got there stuff doing mulitworld backups, that is if it even works anymore.

    ah well if all else fail Ill have to do sketchy Schedulad tasks world folder copys while its in use until something better is found or coded.
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    Im Using WinZip Pro and im having no issues at all. i dont see how everyone is having any problems.

    --- merged: Feb 28, 2011 11:13 PM ---
    Just got this error
    line 845
    (file "c:\user\william\desktop\server\craftsave\craftsave64exe"):
    Error:Referenced ouside a "with" statement
    --- merged: Feb 28, 2011 11:14 PM ---
    Nvm Firewall had something to do with it
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    Here is new craftsave for 1.3. It copies world into temporary folder and then compresses it.

    Use it on your own risk.

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  26. I'm looking for plugin that does save-all periodically. No need for backup files, just that save so that progression is not lost when crash happens. Can this plugin do just this without backup or anyone know of a plugin that would fit me better?
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    I think it can, but I'm not sure. Take a look at settings.
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    it still works. i dont see why he posted it as broken
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    it still works. the developer hasnt been on in almost a month. Im going to rerelease this. it still works beautifully. on windows 7 x64bit x86 back.
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