Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by sionzee, Feb 2, 2013.

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    Hello guys, I have question on Bukkit events. Exist event which checking BroadcastMessage ?
    I wan't check if BroadCast Message contains word, replace it with.... that...
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    What do you mean by broadcast? /say, /broadcast? You could listen for PlayerCommandPreProcessEvent.
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    I think he means when someone broadcast something, And it contains a word in his list, It will be replaced as example /broadcast sh!t it will replace with **** (I guess)
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    Broadcaster is not player, it is Plugin.
    I wan't create Czech location on SurvivalGames plugin.
    replaceAll("has won", "...");
    Problem is in:
    AsyncPlayerChatEvent only checking player.
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    Well, I wonder why? AsyncPlayerChatEvent
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    It's simile.
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