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    What I currently use:

    What it currently does:
    This plugin currently puts a limit to how many animals a player can breed in a specific chunk. The amount can be configured, and so can each type of animal. It can block breeding with wheat and spawning chickens with eggs. When a players tried to breed more animals, but are at the limit in a chunk, they receive a custom message.

    What it DOESN'T do:
    Because of changes to breeding with 1.4, Pigs are bred with carrots, and Chickens are bred with seeds. This isn't updated in the plugin, so it bypasses the chunk breeding limit.

    What I NEED it to do:
    I need the plugin to be edited/updated to block breeding via Carrots and Seeds. Simple.

    I have decompiled the jar file to see if this is something easily done, and it seems like it would be. Sadly my knowledge on how to edit these jar files and recompile them for use is beyond me. So if someone were to update this plugin for me, I would be a very happy server owner. Thanks in advance!
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    I reformatted my original post so it's easier to read, and explains things better. Hope to get some help soon :)
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    Bumpdate. Still looking for a fix to this plugin.
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    Have you made this request to the creator of chunk breed limit?

    I know that quite a few big servers use that plugin so it's highly likely it's already being requested or worked on.
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    Already sent a direct message, and recently left a post on the bukkit dev page pointing back to this thread. So, already covered my bases :)
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    The developer of ChunkBreedLimit has been offline since October 5, chances are, this plugin will take a very long time to update, or may even never update.
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    i'm also interested on this or similar plugin that players can tame a limit numbre of pigs, cows and chickens.
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    It should be allowed, being the plugin is open source. However, why not do something with his github, forking I think its called. Anyway, thank you very much!

    It does not seem to be following the configuration. I have set the sheep breeding cap at 10, however, I have 9 in the pen, and they still refuse to breed. This issue existed before also. Is anyone else having this problem?

    # spawn-cap: maximum number of entities per chunk before breeding is disabled 
    # entity-list: mobs that are counted in a chunk's total count 
    # breeding-fail-msg: message sent to the player when breeding is disabled due to chunk capacity 
    spawn-cap: 99999 
    breeding-fail-msg: "The animal is unappealed by its mate, there are too many of its own kind in the same area." 
      - pig 
      - cow 
      - chicken 
      - sheep 
    #use-individual-cap: specify whether you wish to use the individual entity list and individual entity limit checking 
    use-individual-cap: true 
    #entity-list-individual: (entitytype, spawnlimit) 
      - pig, 10 
      - cow, 10 
      - chicken, 15 
      - sheep, 10
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    can you add no spawn eggs in the chunk limit spawn ? :)
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    Still looking for this plugin to be updated/fixed. Would love to see this functioning with the new breeding system.
  12. What's wrong with the version posted above?
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    Ya I see that now. Not sure how I missed that post lol. Will run tests with it, thanks!
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    Can anyone confirm that this one works properly? I need this badly. :p

    Seconded. I can already see players using spawn eggs (obtained via MobCatcher) to work around this plugin, and I don't want to go around policing breeding farms manually.

    Nevermind, I tried it. It doesn't work. I only tried it on pigs. It shows the message about it being too crowded, but a baby pig spawns anyways. :(

    Someone please update this.

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