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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by codename_B, Jan 25, 2012.

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    Want to help dev bPermissions? Just clone the project on github, I'm always looking for help!

    This thread is for people to post feature requests/ideas for bPermissions and for me to keep you up-to-date with my todo list.

    bPermissions plugin:
    • 25/01/2012 track down issues people are having with multiverse and changing worlds not firing PlayerChangeWorldEvent on the new CB 1.1 RB. (needs more people testing to replicate!)
    bPermissionsWebGUI plugin:
    • 25/01/2012 nothing for the moment
    bPermissionsWebGUI client:
    • 25/01/2012 implement bulk-add feature for permissions/groups/meta
  2. codename_B I've been hearing about some issues relating to worlds changing and what not (with MV). Feel free to hop into #multiverse (or have me join another channel) and we can talk! I <3 plugins working together!

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    I'm there ;)
    Let's hop
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    One area I'd consider not very well explored yet is area based permissions.

    WorldGuard deals with 'area based permissions' by allow various flags to be assigned to regions.
    While functional for most cases, this does result in WorldGuard being burdened with providing these flags and functionality.
    Meanwhile, similar grant/restrict functionality is provided through permission nodes with a plugin like ModifyWorld, but only at world scope.

    What are your thoughts on permissions more localized than just the world a player is in?
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    The configuration of something like this would be beyond the ability of most users, though implementing it wouldn't be a huge issue.
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    :O Cool.
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    Maybe I'm asking a bit much here, but it would be really cool if the root "config.yml" and "users.yml" actually applied to ALL the worlds, rather than simply to newly created worlds. I'm not sure what kind of performance hit this would cause, but it would be convenient to modify all worlds from one place, and only have to modify individual worlds for specific permissions!
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    It's been implemented already in the newest version :)

    You have to enable it in config.yml
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    This has got to be like the 3rd time I've suggested something, and you've already two steps ahead of me.

    You, sir, are a god and a saint :p

    I see what you did, but ideally I want both ways to work simultaneously. I'd like to have certain "global" permissions, such as my /kicks and /bans, but others to be specific in individual worlds such as //wand in creative and /mcmmo in my survival worlds. I can't seem to make anything but the global permissions work when it's enabled.

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    In my testing that's not the case, global permissions are applied first then world permissions are applied over them, so if you haven't specifically negated something in the world permissions then it'll happen.

    However, if you can test and prove that it isn't working (as might be the case) I'll be happy to fix it!


    There's the appropriate code so you can see exactly what happens and how it happens.

    You are on 2.8.1 yeah?
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    I am on the latest version.

    My "rpg" world configs contain this in the "groups.yml":

    default: default
    - openinv.anychest
    - openinv.crossworld
    - openinv.exempt
    - openinv.openinv
    - openinv.search
    - openinv.silent

    And my "users.yml" contains:

    permissions: []
    - superadmin

    Of course there's more permissions, prefixes, etc, but I simplified this to look at. As long as "use-global-files:" is turned off, my configs work great.

    However, if I turn it on, and copy my configs to the root folder, then delete the redundant OpenInv permissions from my world, it stops working. It just seems like I need the permissions in both the root folder, and in the world folder, which I was hoping to avoid.

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding how this is supposed to be set up... hopefully my explanation is clear. Let me know if you need more.
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    Thanks, chances are as with all new features that something might go wrong ^^

    I'll see if I can replicate that and track down where the bug lies
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