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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Turitafo, Feb 14, 2012.

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    how can i let a group NOT build in a world
    and that another group can build.
    i user bpermissions
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    Alfie Cleveland

    Look for a plugin like Modifyworld. Add the node with
    - 'modifyworld.*'
    And remove it for certain groups with:
    - -modifyworld.*
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    I use Antiguest, also with bPermissions. It should suit your needs.
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    Alfie Cleveland ModifyWorld does not work with bPermissions - it's for PermissionsEX.

    Turitafo bPermissions doesn't have a no-build permission node. You'll need another plugin for that (like AntiGuest, mentioned above)
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    i wasnt realy looking for that,
    because i dont want group member and default build in creative,
    but they can build in survival
    is that possible for that plugin?
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    Yes it is. It's all done with permissions.
    With AntiGuest just give everyone BUT guests all the permissions on the AntiGuest page. That was anyone but guests can build/use chests/furnaces etc. You can use multiworld support with bPermissions easily. :)
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