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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by GlPlays, Aug 11, 2021.

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    Plugin category: General

    Minecraft version: 1.8.8
    Suggested name: HPhotbar
    Thank you for reading my thread

    What I want:
    when i hit someone by a bow or harm potion i get his current hp above my heart and armor bar
    as the picture explain it
    if it full heart the color is DARK RED if it half a heart the color is LIGHT RED the picture explain it more
    and it doesnt apply to spectator players or to himself (who shooted the arrow or potion)

    Ideas for commands: no commands needed
    Ideas for permissions: no permissions needed
    When I'd like it by: this month

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    I will try to do it. I'll say something if I've finished the plugin or if I could not do it.
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    Ok ,thank you :)
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    thank you so much i will try it and give u my feedback

    it works perfectly, thank you so much again!!

    there is something idk if it possible to fix it, when someone has absorption it doesnt show it yellow hearts

    @davidclue yes it works now tyy
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    I edited my original file, it now will work for absorption hearts.
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    i would like to add a feature to the plugin if possible bc some of plugins shows 5.5911453 something like that so i just want 5.6 HP
    i want to msg in chat with player + their hearts but numbers out of 10

    i really appreciate ur work
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    @GlPlays So you want the player to get a chat message instead of the hotbar message?
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    both but in chat I want it with numbers
    edit just like an addition to it , but in chat so i got both in hotbar message and chat (chat in numbers)

    Player is on 5 HP
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