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  1. Hey guys!.

    I've created the Bukkit plugin "BossShop" over a year ago. Since then tons of updates, improvements etc. were made.

    BossShop currently is an Allrounder-Inventory-Gui plugin with many different useful features.
    It is still working fine with the current Bukkit/Spigot Build but there are a few new things that many users suggested and one optional feature (Serverpinging) does not work anymore.

    I personally loved working on BossShop and including my own wishes and dreams in it.
    As it had to happen the time has come in which I have so many different things to do in reallife, that I am not able to update and work on BossShop anymore. Next year in school I will have final exams and there is just so much work to do...

    To cut a long story short: I am not able to update BossShop anymore but do not want to just drop it as I put so much commitment into it. It's a Plugin I personally really like and I also don't want to frustrate all the Plugin Users. So as result I was in search of a Maintainer. Actually I already found one: confuserr. He's a really awesome and nice person and was kind enough to release a few BossShop updates. Sadly he also has lack of time and due to that BossShop again is in the absence of updates. Because of that I finally decided to search a second BossShop maintainer.

    BossShop can be found here: Link
    The current source of BossShop can be found here: Link

    I would be really glad of an additional Maintainer who has at least like one hour per week (If there are pending and important suggestions).
    You basically are able to maintain BossShop if you:
    - Have Java Knowledge & Experience
    - Have already written advanced Bukkit Plugins
    - Know how to work with Github
    - Are reliable and have at least some time for the project

    Helpful would be:
    - If you have Skype -> Good way to chat
    - If you are cool and friendly :)

    BossShop is currently still working fine - except of Serverpinging (optional feature) not working - but there are several suggestions for the plugin. I also have written a program which allows easier handling of the BossShop config. Just check out the main plugin page for more info.

    As maintainer you will get (after one successful good update) half of the future Bukkit points earned by BossShop (the other half already goes to our first maintainer) and a maintainer rank at the plugin page. Also I will give you my honest gratitude and many users will be glad about your updates. If there should be any trouble I will also of course answer all your questions.
    Note: Most of the suggested updates are really small and simple (one of them only needs the change of a single line).

    Interested/Have questions? Feel free to comment!

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