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  1. Been waiting a long time for a plugin to save books in a database editable through a webpage but it never seem to show up.

    What I'd would like is a plugin that save all books in a mysql database and let you write new books, edit old books through a webpage. The page where you write/add the book should be made so you actually see how it will be ingame by making you write the books page for page.

    I'd also love it if it was possible to list what books each player have found.

    I realise that it is quite some coding for the web-part to work but a guy can ask, right. :)

    I find the use of books limited in the game and it makes me sad since it could be such a great way to give out stories, quests and more on a rp-server.
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    The webside shouldn't be too hard I can write some code, but I don't know Java.
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    It's a good idea, however I'm not sure if many people would use it.
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    I've been waiting for a plugin like this as well, and I'm very surprised there aren't 20 already (no plugin can only exist less than 10 times, it seems). Lets hope someone will do it.
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    Milkywayz lol768 and myself (and a few others I that I don't know their forums name) were making a service like this a while back. We basically almost finished it, but it sort of died. There may be hope for it in the future though
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    Minewriter - The source code is still on github and I still own the domains, however the project basically died after we weren't able to finish it.

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