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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by FireFlies, Dec 3, 2016.

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    Minecraft Version: 1.7

    Plugin name: BooksOnJoin

    What I want: I need a simple plugin that can give players written books, such as rules and help, when they join the server.

    I need to be able to create the books in a config file and assign a slot number of where this book will be in the hotbar when players log in. I have to also be able to set lores on the books.

    In the config I can set the book title, with color codes enabled, I can set the author and signature as well as the content on each page of the book.

    So for example as the config:
    -------- Title: '&b&lServer Rules'
    -------- Slot: 4
    -------- Lore: 'Checkout the rules'
    -------- Content:
    - 'This is the first page of the book &nthis is a new line'
    - 'This is the second page of the book'

    -------- Title: '&d&lHelp'
    -------- Slot: 6
    -------- Lore: 'Need some help?'
    -------- Content:
    - 'This is the first page of the book &nthis is a new line'
    - 'This is the second page of the book'


    No permissions

    No commands

    When I'd like it by:
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    There is a plugin that does exactly what you want
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    Maybe you could do us all a favor and link this plugin?

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    You could use essentials and make a kit and make that kit the default starting kit
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    I am quite aware, but the plugin (which I think you a referencing) can only do 1 book. Not multiple. I have tried all the plugins there are to try.
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    I don't think you can put written books into kits (At least not using the config.yml) You could probably use a plugin like KitAdder and add the book to the kit - using the in game item.
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    Trust me guys I've tried setting kits and things like that. There's no way.
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    I know you said it's already been filled, but I just found this forum
    So apparently it is possible in the code, just look through the replies.
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    Yes I have already tried the plugin, it started interfering with my ItemJoin plugin therefore I couldn't use it. In the end I contacted the author of ItemJoin to support book creating the books.
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    What plugin are you talking about?

    This is the reply I looked at, I haven't tested it yet but I imagine it'll work.
    You can make a book.txt in your Essentials folder. In their, you can "make" book. Ex: (in the file)
    Hello! &9blue!
    This is a book!
    I like book!
    In the essential kit config thingy, give the Writen Book, (the ID), but add book:book1 for book1. Or book:thisiscool for book thisiscool. you can set the author using author:CraftThatBlock
    For space, replace them by _ 's
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    I'm talking about ItemJoin, and kits are a bit too over the top for something I'm trying to do.
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    Have you tried KitAdder + Essentials yet?
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