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    Plugin Category: Not sure...

    Suggested Name: I don't mind the name but 'Book Enchant' works.

    What I want: I would like to have this plugin enable anyone to be able to right click an Enchanted book, and then in chat saying 'Right click any pickaxe to enchant it! Type '/out' to give you the book back!' and have it take away the book, unless you type '/out' where it gives you the book back. You also have to right click the book, and the Pickaxe, and it puts whatever enchant was on the book (Eg: Fortune 20) onto the Pickaxe, not getting rid of the name, or other Enchants.

    Ideas for Commands: '/out' when it's typed, it gives you back your Enchanted Book if you right click it.

    Ideas for Permissions: No permissions.

    When I'd like it by: In about 5 days to a week is fine.

    Extra: If it can be made, can you please give me a direct link? Only because Bukkit takes a really long time to approve the plugins, as I've been waiting for 8 days for a Plugin to get approved and still nothing.

    If anyone needs more info on the specifics, please just ask me!!!
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    dalexpet Bukkit is kinda up-side-down at the moment.
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