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    Category: Mechanics, Fun

    Name: BoatDocks

    Description: I would like a plugin that enables admins (or whatever rank) to set a post that players can tie boats to.

    In this area, players can use rope (a lead) to tie their boats up to a fence post. Their rope and boat would be protected from other players destroying it. The boat should not float off into the water and stretch out the lead, and eventually break it.

    Boats should also be able to hit the shore and not break.

    No config is necessary.

    • /dock setpost - Sets a post that players can tie up to

    • boatdock.setpost - allows a player to set a post
    • boatdock.tie - allows a player to tie up to a post
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    you own 2 plugin... why not do it your self :/
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    revanevan99 I don't have a lot of time for this, and I am a pretty new developer, so if I made this plugin, it would take forever to finish.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    bossomeness As far as I know: we can't attach leads to boats
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