boat and car you can add blocks on

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    i was wondering if anyone could make a mod that would allow you to use a minecart or somthing to drive around and you could add blocks on it to look like a car,train, or a bus. the same thing with a boat, and maybe planes if you could do it. Thanks
  2. The blocks wouldn't move like when a piston pushes them. They would move 1 block at a time.
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    what about the zepplin mod i heard you can do a similar thing
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    Zeppelin mod is a client mod, they are able to do more things with client stuff, the mods (or plugins) here are server side, so we are limited with what can be done. However, spout, a plugin that is working on integrating client stuff into server side stuff, may be able to allow us to do this soon. Im not an expert on spouts possibilities, but I dont think it can do this yet.
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    Zeppelin has a server side plugin but its not on bukkit as of yet. From what I hear, the infrastructure of spout isn't capable of doing this yet, or at best its messy. I heard the spout team is working on this currently and the zeppelin guy is just waiting for that to be finished before he ports is code over.
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    Seriously [creeper] ? My server is using AutoCraft (Movecraft in better) and I was waiting for that for sooooo long :D
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    Smooth block moving is a client side thing...the spout devs said it would be cake to implement, and as soon as that happens (they're focusing on custom blocks right now :D) i'll make the zeppelin mod for bukkit :)
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    ZNickq thats something I've been waiting a LONG time to hear!
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    Planes, anyone?

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