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What should I add/change next?

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    Windows now supported!

    Download: https://github.com/robinp7720/Blue-Stats-Minecraft/archive/master.zip

    GitHub: https://github.com/robinp7720/Blue-Stats
    Demo: https://stats.mysunland.org

    BlueStats, the all in one solution for you server website. Dynamically generated pages based on server stats directly on your home page. Per player pages showing detailed statistics of almost any MySQL based plugin available.

    With the addition of the included lolmewnStats and mcmmo plugins, it allows for the display of player generated statistics right on your homepage. The built in theme engine allows for complete unique designs to fit with your minecraft brand.​

    Logo Image by Blooguy: http://bukkit.org/threads/free-plugin-logos-design-by-blooguy.351287/

    I will only support the latest version of BlueStats with the latest version of Apache/Nginx and PHP.
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    Yay! Sweet stuff :) I love seeing new web-ends for my plugin :D
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    HAHA YES finally a webUI which it can be better, it would had head support or else I can add it myself, it would look like WebstatsX-ish? GG. Gonna subscribe to this thread :)

    Things should be sortable, like who is higher or lower, or sort by A-Z Z-A like that :p And if heads implemented I would use my Avatar API for my own use :)

    PS: I guess it works with the latest Stats 2.0.1 right? :D
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    Thanks for adding it to the plugin page!

    Yes it does, I'm using stats 2.0.1 on my server :) I'll have to update the way to loads the stats though for stats 3. Also mode 6 doesnt work anymore on your query. Achievement craft doesnt exist anymore
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    @robinp7720 I would advice not to start working on Stats 3 implementation yet, the plugin is nowhere near being finished :p All Stats still need to be re-implemented and speed-tests need to be done in order to see if it's optimized at all.
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    huh weird none reported that issue... I've checked mode 6 and its fine, PNG does load but if the player has no skin indeed it doesn't work (broken image) thus I can't fix... if theres a similar API which serves the same feel free to comment me if you know one (sorry offtopic!)
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    Some suggestions as to the look & feel of the website: I can highly recommend Bootstrap. It's great, you don't even have to know CSS and it'll be pretty :3
    Since statistics work a lot with data in tables, it's also great to use DataTables (this will also automatically enable sorting of rows ;)).
    As for the download, name it blueStats.zip or no-one will find it anymore in their downloads folder :p
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    Data Tables looks amazing! Implementing it now! Bootstrap is something I've used alot (All my other projects are made with it). I feel bootstrap doesn't give me much control over the looks of the site. I like to do the things I can do myself.

    As for the bluestats.zip my site generates the downloads page from the products folder. This is so I don't have to edit the html every time and the download button just links do download.zip I could great a download.php file which would rename the download but honestly, shouldnt you clear your downloads folder anyways?
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    Name changing is coming soon, at Feb 4, I hope your Blue Stats will look like WebStatsX, some players will miss it because theres 6 TOP 10 rankings, player list (sortable by category) and proile viewer (Theres yours already but I would "customize" which statistics I want to see, and in player list too (eg: head, name, playtime, last join, etc)
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    I hope to have a theme engine built in soon so there will be a ready made WebStatsX theme! And you can customize the stats shown in the player.php config file
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    omg I love you :O Niiiiice :D :p
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    search.php is missing =/

    The Demo isn<t the same as the download, possible update% Looks Like WebstatsX :OOO
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    The demo is my dev environment :) (Yea I know, not a good idea) And search.php isnt actualy used right now. Just a place holder file
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    Oh looks sexy the demo one, can't wait to see it ready =) I've updated Stats to 2.0.1 and awaiting this one ;)

    EDIT: I guess you're aware your site isn't reachable. omg can't wait the stats :FF
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    Sorry if Im annoying but its been 3 days awaiting an update for this webUI... or else i'm forced to use the fluid one which I don,t like the layout
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    I'm currently getting this error.

    Fatal error
    : Call to undefined method mysqli_stmt::get_result() in /home/sparta/public_html/stats/functions/general.php on line 5

    Any ideas?
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    You need to install mysqlnd(http://php.net/manual/en/book.mysqlnd.php) for php

    The update is nearly done. I just want finsing setting up everything to load via ajax then I'll push the update

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    You're the best! So much thanks ;)

    EDIT: loading page to http://stats.rightawake.com/ takes much more time and I don't know why its taking too long on yours its fine, because theres too many players in my database? If so, it shouldn't happen, like on webstatsx
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    Hmm ok with 5000 players I see where the problem might be. I could sort the data server side inside of client side with data tables. And I should sort the data directly with mysql instead of php (Working on that right now)
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    Just update the interface with an update that should address the update :)
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    Okay ^^ :)
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    Been using it for several days now. Looks good! I noticed in your demo the full player body is shown instead of just the head. Is that a selectable option now or something coming in a release?
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    Its In the newest release. I'm moving the entire project to github and that version there is the newest one right now. https://github.com/robinp7720/Blue-Stats. And if you don't mind my asking, what is the url? I like to know who runs my interface :)
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    Excellent! our website is www.spartaminecraft.com
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    lol nice that 3d player view but ... cravatar... better using my own API than this one... that guy which refuse to share the perspective code... Well thats his choice not to share but Im bad at coding :x

    And reducing the navbar size, too large in my opinion, I bet thats customizable thru CSS :)
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    i was using the plugin "Stats & achievement" and a self coded web interface to show the stats for my players. Since this plugin has been abandonned, i'm looking for a way to update my website.
    Just installed the Stats plugin and it seems to work fine.

    Now before recode my stats web pages, i want to test the existing web interfaces. I have tested Fluid MC Stats and blue Stats and i don't understand why, i have 404 errors.

    edit: this was an URL Rewrite problem, solved by adding "RewriteBase /bluestats/" in the .htaccess

    Also, now with Blue Stats, online/offline player's status aren't showned and i got this message at the top off my page:
    "Failed to write on socket."

    And i have errors like:

    DataTables warning: table id=all-players - Invalid JSON response. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/1

    Here is the link to my Blue Stats page:


    Any idea ?
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    You need to fix the "Failed to write on socket" error for everything to work fine. Have you changed the port/ip number in "configs -> server.php"?
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    Just like TGRHavoc said. Change the details in "configs -> server.php". There you can disable it completely or change the mc query settings. For the query to work you'll have to enable mc query in the server settings

    Yea I know, I dont like it either but its the most reliable and fastest source for mc heads. And the nav bar thickness, I'll add that as a themes option

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