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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by bmazoka, Sep 11, 2013.

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    When playing on the server it will randomly do the following error to new players that join.

    I have to restart the server to fix the issue. I have tried disabling Multi-Verse, Worldedit, NoCheatPlus, and updating my bukkit to Recommended and Beta. Nothing is working...
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    its no big problem, or its the players internet or your internet plus just wait 5 sec and it loads no big deal
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    It sticks to this screen
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    restart your internet or use some other internet
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    Internet reset wont work
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    try to update all your plugins. :)
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    Still no resolution, anyone ELSE have any ideas?
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    Hmmm This is a odd issues... Did you say that this happens to all new players when they join? Have you tried from different internets and differnt pc's?
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    bmazoka I would recommend trying to backup your current server and run a shiny new fresh one (just to test it) and see if you still have the problem. This will at least let you know if you have some kind of internet issue (or the players have some sort of internet issue). If it works with a shiny new server then you know the problem is your config.

    Might help narrow down where to look to solve this one.
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    Removed off-topic banter
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    Are you hosting this server on your pc? If so check your connection speed. LINK: Once you have done that. Tell me your speed. If your speed is too low then it will not let people connect fast and leave them at the blue map screen.
    But if you are not hosting the server on your pc try restarting the server from scratch.
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    This is hosted off a VPS System, not someting with their internet I'm sure. I can try hosting it at home and see if the problem happens and it doesn't happen for all new players. Sometimes I will log on and I will get this blue screen or, I will be playing and other people will log on and they will see this blueness.

    I think it might actually be one of my plugins, I tried disabling a Anit-X-Ray plugin last night and nobody has had the issue YET... btw do you know any other good X-Ray plugins in case this fixes the issue?

    Like I said above its hosted on a VPS, I will try it on a different computer if the plugin removal doesn't fix it.
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    What anti xray plugin?
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