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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for some advise on a plugin that I'm not sure exists. I am looking for something to keep track of blocks similar to Logblock, but a players changes to the world only persist for an adjustable amount of time (say 15~20 minutes) and then reset to there original state. It may be possible with some fancy scripting with the VariableTriggers plugin, but I figured I'd check if there was a plugin meant to do this specific thing.
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    For some reason this sounds really cool to me. I would definitely do this with a dedicated plugin, and a database is the way to go when you are tracking a lot of block changes. I might consider this one.

    Now, would it only revert block place/destroys, or are you looking to handle more types of block changes?
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    I was thinking of just resetting block place/destroys. The reason for my thinking was using in on some sort of treasure hunt map that systematically removes any traces of a player being there after a certain amount of time as to not give clues to other players. What other block changes can happen that would leave a trace, assuming tnt, fire, and mobs were disabled?

    Also, for simplicity's sake, would it be easier to just write something that hooks into logblock's API?

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    In my opinion, no. The whole timer function would have to be written from scratch, and LogBlock is waaaay more complicated and feature-packed than this, hooking it probably wouldn't do a whole lot of good.
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    Ah ok, I'm no java developer so I really have no clue lol.
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    With that plugin, do you know if it will rollback placed blocks? I can't quite tell from the documentation.
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    Not sure if that plugin does, haven't gotten close up and personal with it. I know there is a very very similar plugin that does areas places and broken regens.

    If mineralmanager doesn't search a bit for the other one.
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    Fwiw, I am just completing a zone reset plugin that works on timers. Also resets entities, spawns, etc... Should have a release this week.

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