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    I found this while snooping through Hmods plugins.
    They seem to have alot more then bukkit, even since ohey stoped updating.

    Well what I was wondering If people were considering making this plugin avalible to Bukkit?
    Because it looks very intriguing..

    With that being said, whos going to take up this challenge or am i missing somthing
    like its already available...

    Either way check it out, and see if you feel the same way.
    Then maybe someone will take an intreast in it, if they haven't already.

    Youtube Video on the plugin

    Thanks for reading.
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    We need trigger plugins :(
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    Ye but true had that plugin but he turned to be a jude :( but hope they fix it
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    Acually craftbook does much of what blockdoor did only its much more then blockdoor.

    probably eaiser and better to wait for that then this, I used both in the past at the same time and caftbook now has the better feature set.
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    i did have it for hmod, and it was great ... would be great to have it back...
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    If anyone would be willing to port this plugin that would be great. I'm not looking for a plugin that uses redstone at all. This plugins features were exactly what I needed. No need for hidden signs or redstone wiring. Just drop some blocks, mark them, click on a switch or block or lever and BAM you have a door... or gate, or draw bridge. Easy peasy.

    Craftbook has more then I need... way more then I need and uses redstone or signs.
    Controller block uses redstone.

    Blockdoor just simple click and go. Source for it is here

    If anyone wants to take up the challenge you'd have some grateful server admins. :D
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    So I ported it... but I'm not going to support it because I hardly know what I'm doing. No new features... indeed zone's were removed, whitelists were removed...

    But the rest of the plugin works like it used to and will even read in your old blockdoor.txt file. Well, unless you used zones that is. In which case I have no idea what will happen. I never actually used them in my server so I didnt need to worry about that. I'm posting this here mainly because I hope someone will take up the plugin and continue development of it. Since I did most of the hard part I guess.

    One final note, the commands dont take the given names for the blocks. You instead have to enter their numeric codes I believe.

    Example would be /dfill testdoor 1
    would create a door of stone

    I didnt see any checks for what type of fill you can put in to it. So dont make a door of porkchops or something.
    Also no permission support. The original only had whitelist from Hey0 and I dont know how to work with permissions... so yea thats gone too. Even if I did the whole permissions scene is so fragmented I doubt everyone would be happy with my choice anyway.

    Anyway, here it is use as you want. Here's hoping someone takes up where I left off. Source is in the zip...

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    #Don't edit this file
    TRIGGER:test22:trig12:0:0:0:false:door2 test22 TOGGLE|
    write so that the old, but it would not work.
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    I'll make this simple since I think you may have a hard time with English.

    Unzip the blockdoor zip file.

    The directory that is in the blockdoor zip needs to be put into the plugin folder. Your old blockdoor.txt file needs to be put into that directory. The plugin needs to be put into the plugin folder.

    If in your old Hey0 server you used Blockdoor zones, you will need to delete those from the blockdoor txt file. Other then that it works fine. I use it daily on bukkit 531 and all my old Hey0 stuff works just fine. No errors.

    Beyond what I've said above I will not support this plugin. I ported it and that's all. I dont know its functions totally and I haven’t a clue how to fix compatibility problems should they arise. Sorry.
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    I have a new map, what should I do?
    please can you make a movie?

    to block door is the best I have on my server.
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    The plugin works the EXACT same way it did in Hey0 . Only zones were removed. I did not change any other functionality.

    So, hoober's video at will explain how to use it just as good as If I created a video.

    It works exactly how he shows except for zones. If you cant get it to work after watching that then there is nothing more I can do for you I'm afraid. Sorry.

    Just make sure to have the BlockDoor directory in your plugin directory and your BlockDoor.txt file in the BlockDoor directory. Nothing else special needs to be done. All the commands are the same and they take the same number of arguments as before. It is literally the same plugin as Hey0 with Zones removed.

    Thats all the help I can give you... Good luck.
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    Piercing Goblin

    Any way someone (not necessarily Arcwolf), could get zones working for this plugin?
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    I'll look into zones some more tomorrow.. but I promise nothing. It took me literally 8 hours to code this into Bukkit and like 5 of those were trying to figure out the zone part of this plugin. Then like 30 minutes to say hell with it, rip it out and then upload the currently available version. So if thats any indication of the zone issue from my perspective... things dont look too bright :-/

    If someone beats me to it, more power to them I say lol
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    Piercing Goblin

    Good to know that you will look into it! Like you said, if anyone wants to take this up, please do!
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    This is as good as I'm going to get it without a total rewrite.

    Here are the quarks to note:

    1) This whole plugin is not multi-world safe. Especially now with zones. I'm almost certain that a declared zone is seen at the same coordinates in every world. So if a player enters a zone in a world that the zone was not created in, the door will auto-magically appear in that new world. And I'm sure you know what kind of havoc that would cause. At least with a button or a lever you have a really small chance that someone will hit that block in another world. But with a zone... you increase that chance massively.

    2) If more then one player enters a zone, the zone has no way of knowing that there is more then 1 player in it. That feature just refuses to work the same way as it did in Hey0. Sometimes it would fire, sometimes it wouldnt. Meaning a zone would sometimes trigger then loose count and never count right until it was reset using /dzero... Most likely the whole reason for that command in the first place.

    If you want to use zones go for it. But I'm not taking ANY responsibility for what happens in a multiworld environment. Use at your own risk. And with no permissions... yea you better trust your players not to be griefers lol.

    Geez, I sure wish someone would come along and pick this plugin up and run with it... ya know ... :-/

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    I'll be picking the project back up. Arcwolf has convinced me, and has already done the majority of the annoying porting work.

    It might take me some time to get up to full development speed in Bukkit, though.
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    I have posted a thread in the WIP forum for people to chit chat on and stuff

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    I want to personally thank Arcwolf for doing this. I have been missing this plugin so much.. It was one of the best hmod had to offer.. Thank you so very much for getting it working on bukkit!
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    Your welcome :)

    I've also added in Multiworld support now and Permissions. All of which are in the new WIP thread.

    Maybe this should be locked now that a more official thread is open in the WIP forum. To shunt people that way...
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    Ty ho0ber

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