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  1. Once a year or two ago, i had a very useful plugin called Tower1x1.
    It got outdated and disappeared from the bukkit.

    Main purpose is to stop and remove those pesky 1x1 blocks sticking up in the air anywhere.

    The config had something like this:
    warn user at x amount of blocks:
    remove userblocks at x blocks high:

    There were optionally a feature also to punish the user, but could be disabled, (like slap etc.).
    I used the feature text warning with could also be typed into the config what to say at warnings.
    And lastly a kick option if incident of x times.
    Kick and remove tower is a good combination.
    BukkitDev 1.5.2 and java7.
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    Fungreenfox Don't mark the thread as filled if you haven't found what you searched yet
  3. I did not, i just posted it?

    --... oh i see. changed it now.
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    Fungreenfox this sounds interesting. Although it may take a while as I'm on vacation, I'll try it.
  5. i will be very pleased.

    I tryed this one recently.

    there is a source, but no permissions for op exempt etc, and missing options in config. Last update was a year ago, bukkit 1.2 and then author disappeared. During test, my ops got kicked with no reason or warning.
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    I'll give it a shot. Sounds interesting.
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    This idea sounds good, I'm quite surprised that such a plugin does not exist (Or have I just not searched good enough? :D).
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    I'm working on it right now. I'll have a working version available within the hour :)
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  10. very nice. I will try it out at asap.

    did you make excempt permission node for OPs, or default to OP?

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    Looking to use this also, thanks to Jatoc for making it.
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    Yes. (It should work).

    If op for some reason doesn't work, the permission node is

    KylexDavis No problem. Uploading to BukkitDev now for everyone to use :)
  13. It works fine as intended :)
    Optional, If you want to refine it, textoutput in console so owner can see ppl getting kicked.
  14. No downloadable file on dev yet? Waiting to get it approved or something else?
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    Try clicking on the files area of the dev page. It hasnt been approved yet but you may be able to dl it from there. If you cant, pm me for an early link or just wait until it gets approved
  16. I got it from the link in this thread. NP.
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    It's now available on BukkitDev (been approved)
  18. Do you know, for how long this plugin can last over versions?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    Probably till 2.0 or so? :p
  20. oki, thats nice.
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    /ruleadd <rulenumber> Nerrrr 1ber1 tewers!

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